10 signs dating woman not girl

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Anyone can list those big Cs off their fingers — cash, condo, car, credit card, and a country club membership. A woman, on the other hand, knows how to accept graciousness from a man — but knows how to fend for herself when necessary. The real woman also cares about your thoughts, your motivations, and your aspirations. Big difference! A girl plays games that are humiliatingly painful to watch and uses her sexuality to get what she wants.

A real woman thinks about improving and bettering herself. She educates herself the best she can — not because she wants to impress other people around her, but because she knows she has the capability to do so much more with the information she gains.

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The girl knows nothing of world politics or current world events and is more than happy to confine herself to her superficial bubble. An intelligent woman — when prodded — may even be able to best you in an intellectual argument.

The girl gets annoyingly-jealous just like how you see it in dramasand will do anything to tear down things that get in her way. She backstabs others for her benefit and can be quite the tantrum-monster. The ferociously brave woman fights for her sake and knows what to do with what she was born with regardless of whether it is her ability at public speaking, languages, Mathematics, arts, or that godly IQ she has. She is happy and thankful with the talent she has and seeks to further practice it.

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She behaves badly in front of people, throws your gift in the bin as soon as she sees it, is demanding and unreasonably impatient, and is basically a pain in the ass to deal with. Granted, women have a free pass for being like this sometimes, but they do know how to front up with their mistakes and apologize. Women have some self-humiliation.

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This probably overlaps with some of the other points, but is quite a defining pointer on its own nonetheless. A woman would have some sort of moral compass, or some innate instinct of doing what is fundamentally right. Always bored during your commute to and fro work or school? This article was first published on Goodyfeed. Advertise With Us. in. Forgot your password?

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10 signs dating woman not girl

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