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Misinformation isn't going away just because it's a new year.

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Support trusted, factual information with a tax deductible contribution to PolitiFact. Stand up for the facts! More Info. I would like to contribute. One Time Monthly Yearly. Bloggers stated on August 23, in Internet posts:.

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Bloggers stated on January 05, in an Internet post:. Says a celebrity praises locals for their help after an automotive breakdown. Viral image stated on December 11, in a post on Facebook:. Newt Gingrich stated on December 15, in a debate in Iowa:. Adam Hasner stated on May 10, in a tweet:.

Today, it rises by that amount in about an hour. Viral image stated on April 20, in a Facebook post:. Photo shows President Barack Obama posing with a. Adam Hasner stated on October 18, in an ad:. While she was mayor, Lois Frankel took a "police helicopter ride to go to a dinner party. Facebook posts stated on October 16, in a post:. A photo shows a massive crowd at a recent Florida rally for Donald Trump. Viral image stated on December 15, in a Facebook post:.

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An old image shows a drug store with a marijuana leaf. Arlen Parsa stated on September 01, in a tweet:. Thirty-four of the 47 men depicted in the famous "Declaration of Independence" painting were slaveholders. Bloggers stated on November 02, in a post on Facebook:.

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Refugees are throwing rocks and trying "to kill you. Viral image stated on July 14, in a Facebook post:. Says a pro-choice activist in California 'proudly breaks world record by getting her 27th abortion'.

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Bloggers stated on February 28, in a Facebook post:. Says Thai police found bodies of children with their organs removed. Facebook posts stated on February 23, in Facebook posts:. Says Donald Trump will be re-inaugurated as president on March 4, Facebook posts stated on June 23, in Facebook on June Says Taylor Swift wants to remove the Statue of Liberty. Facebook posts stated on November 14, in a series of photos:.

Mitt Romney stated on January 24, in a Republican debate in Tampa:. Viral image stated on August 01, in a Facebook post:. Were the founding fathers 'ordinary people'? Candidates in Florida's three-way U. House Democrats and HR 1: Voting rights expansion or federal power grab?

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Trump floats moving Nov. Donald Trump's St. Does leaving no soldier behind date to the beginning of the republic?

Adam sandler dating history zimbio

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