Addicted to speeding

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Am i totaly addicted to speed not the drug thanks. Am middle age dabbled a bit with drugs in the past nothing much never found them addictive. But its never enough always want more. Trouble is i dont have the money to spend on lo of track days or rallying again.

Most be lo on here in the same boat.

I think it is, am not moaning cos i enjoy every minute am doing it. But with all the crack downs going on over it can i carry on speeding. Answers on a postcard please. BlueSmoke 4, posts months. I am in the same boat. Absolutely addicted, the greatest rush going.

How the hell I am supposed to get through the rest of my life without misbehaving, I do not know. Shay HTFC 3, posts months. You could mix the two and drive at 30mph whilst blitzed on crack? I used to get this on the motorway. Not healthy. I'm currently carless, but when I get back behind the wheel, I'm going to have to get a track snotter. RDMcG 16, posts months. Get to Autobahn or track every chance I get Crusoe 3, posts months. Skinny tyres with log grip also help if you want to have low Addicted to speeding fun. I had this. And I have a cure! Get a small car, say clio, micra, corsa with a 1.

Use that as your daily drive for a bit, you will find it extremely entertaining to drive without breaking the limit! Seriously, it does work. DrYazz posts months. Kozy 3, posts months. It is an addiction as it gets the adrenaline flowing.

RacerMDR 5, posts months. FTJoe posts months. I do find it difficult to just "sit" on the motorway at if other people go past me. Seem to often end up mph over the limit wherever I am. I don't fly around town centres at mph, but on open, clear country ro and the like I do struggle to stay within the limit. I certainly can't afford track days either or trips to Germany but then in almost 9 years of motoring I've never had a single offence, ever been stopped or flashed and the only 2 "accidents" I've had I've been going less than 10mph and barely damaged my car at all, so I'd consider myself safe enough.

In my case its NOT the speed I'm addicted to, its the acceleration, something that many bike riders will say as well! Being planted into the back of the seat, you cant beat it! Plus around the corners Its way fast enough for the road with all the slow people about I think there is also the issue that the speed limits are outdated and very low Edited by Addicted to speeding on Wednesday 13th May Alex 9, posts months. Why drink and drive, when you can smoke dope and fly? VladD 7, posts months.

What about karting? That has to be a relatively cheap form of motorsport. Either that or move to the Isle of Man.

Addicted to speeding

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is speeding like addiction to drugs ?