Animals that mate face to face

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Sex is probably the most popular pastime in the history of life on Earth — which makes it all the more ridiculous that so many of us have such a mealy-mouthed way of talking about it. Male macaques get off on noisy sex Numerous investigations into the idiosyncrasies of primate coitus have shown that female macaques almost always shout loudly during sexual encounters. Until recently, however, the reasons for this had remained a mystery.

Enter primatologist Dana Pfefferle and her team of primate peepers.

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Pfefferle and her team observed mating Barbary macaques over a period of two years, and found that when a female macaque shouts during sex, it causes an immediate increase in the rate of pelvic thrusting by the male. The vigilance of nearby penguins can make pebble-snatching difficult, especially for male penguins. A monogamous couple is known as a pair. But a paired female will still copulate with other males under the right circumstances, namely when the original pair is in need of a few extra stones. Over the course of several seasons, zoologists Fiona Hunger and Lloyd Davis observed numerous paired female penguins having sex with extrapair males in exchange for stonesstones that they would subsequently take back to their own nests and monogamous partners.

The researchers describe the exchange:. The male then mounted and copulated with the female.

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Following each copulation, the male dismounted from the female, and she picked up a stone from his nest site and left immediately. In 5 of the 10 cases, the female returned to the extrapair male forthwith to take a second stone and left again without copulating. One of these females returned a total of 10 times, taking a stone from the extrapair male on each occasion. At no time was there any aggressive response by the male; he made no move to stop the female from taking a stone from his site.

Barnacles have the longest penises relative to body size of any creature on Earth The thing about sex and this is true for most species is it generally requires you to get off your ass and find someone to do it with. Simple: grow an outrageously long penis up to ten times the length of its own body that can go seek out sexual encounters on its behalf. Watch for yourself in this video. Those projections you see waving about in the water? Want to avoid penis cancer? Step away from the animals and put your pants back on.

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So strictly speaking this list is about animal sex. Not sex with animals. The Spiny Anteater has a four-headed penis Oh is that not bizarre enough for you? But each time it has sex, the he the anteater uses to inseminate its mate swap ; in other words: during its first sexual encounter, the anteater will shut down its first and second he; during its second encounter, the third and fourth he; during the third encounter, the first and second he; and so on.

The jury is still out on the ultimate purpose of sexual reproduction versus asexual reproduction Life apparently emerged on Earth around 3. So why did it take so long to show up? These slugs are hermaphrodites, which means that they can act as both males and females at the same time. When they mate, they insert their penises into each other at the same time. The unusual thing Sometimes it happens that both slugs engage in chewing so that at the end of the mating encounter, both slugs are penis-less. Very few animals do it human-style That is to say, face-to-face, or missionary position.

The majority of vertebrates actually mate facing the same direction like the ladybugs up toptwo surprising exceptions being hamsters and beavers, which occasionally find themselves facing one another while doing the deed. Less surprising, perhaps, is the observation of face-to-face mating in primates like bonobos and orangutans, though it had never been observed in wild gorillas until Sex for the male honeybee is an evolutionarily rewarding, albeit gruesome and suicidal, experience If a male honeybee wants to get with a queen bee, he has to compete with legions of his brothers to do Animals that mate face to face.

The victorious male bee is rewarded with something of a mixed bag. On one hand, he gets to have sex with the queen; his seed alone is passed down to the next generation. On the other hand, his genitals are rent from his body in the course of copulation, leading to a wicked case of post-coital bleed-out and death.

Update, p. I get my sex education from Doctor Tatiana. Her book is a hilarious and incredibly informative guide to some of the very strange ways of making the beast or plant or microorganism with two or one or a hundred backs. The A. By Robbie Gonzalez.

Animals that mate face to face

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Gorillas Photographed Mating Face-to-Face—A First