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The O-Shot helps restore and renew the cells in the most important parts of the vagina and vulva for sexual pleasure, by both creating new cell growth and enhancing blood flow to these tissues, which increases sensitivity. Gail, 53, has been married for 20 years and had reed herself to lackluster, once-a-month lovemaking. She noticed an immediate effect, and she returned home from work that day ready to go. Because the O-Shot includes direct injection of very sensitive areas, these tissues will experience increase sensation right away.

You may or may not like this, but that swelling tends to resolve within days afterward. This process of building new tissues will be done around weeks later, when the full are realized. The O-Shot makes use of your own growth factors and healing factors, extracted and concentrated down from your own blood.

This is then injected by a highly skilled physician into 2 locations:. It is believed these injections help to build new tissues, such as blood vessels, as well as to repair the vaginal tissue that already exists in these areas. When she heard about the O-Shot, she decided to give it a try. Call us now to take advantage! After meeting with your female physician for an in-depth consultation, including your medical history and clearance for the procedure, we follow these steps to perform the O-Shot Injections: Step 1: Your blood is drawn and taken to our in-house lab to be transformed into the Vampire plasma and drawn up into 2 syringes Step 2: Numbing cream is applied to the outside of the vagina, while you lay comfortably.

These take immediate effect. Step 4: The 2 sets of injections in the clitoris and G-spot are given by a doctor, in the now-numbed areas, taking about 10 minutes in total. You can return to work, social activities, and working out immediately, though sex and intimate touching must wait 24 hours.

There are some rare complications since a needle is being used, such as bruising, infection, granuloma, urethral injury, or nerve damage. One might experience spotting light bleeding at the injection siteshypersexuality, or no effect at all. But the vast majority of patients report these side effects:. Only trained cosmetic physicians provide Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Paterson New Jersey O-Shot at our offices.

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Our physician team was trained and certified by Dr. Charles Runnel, the creator of the O-Shot, as certified providers of this unique technique. We are unconvinced that the O-Shot helps with urinary incontinence, but we do offer 2 treatments that have been shown to help with urinary incontinence: ThermiVa and Exilis Ultra Femme. Yes, you can have your O-Shot treatment right after your consultation, provided you are a candidate.

Please let us know if you wish to treat the same day so that we can block out more time with our physician for your appointment. The O-Shot requires drawing your blood, for which we recommend you eat normally and hydrate. Those who are dehydrated may find the blood draw portion more difficult.

You must abstain from sexual activity for at least 24 hours after treatment. This is a precaution against bacteria entering your injection sites and creating an infection. You will have blood drawn for the procedure, but it is a small amount that should not leave you feeling weak, or unable to work out, provided that you eat and hydrate normally.

You should expect to be numb for several hours, and some patients report an awareness of sensation when the numbing wears off that is distracting or possibly uncomfortable. Sexual enjoyment requires a complex combination of varying factors, including sexual function, desire, relationship health, hormones, and overall health of the individual. To think there is 1 treatment that can solve all of that is foolish. The good news is there is very little risk of a bad outcome. Of course, everyone has a different pain tolerance, but the O-Shot without numbing would be uncomfortable.

This means patients are comfortably numb during the procedure and for a little while afterward. The from the O-Shot are not permanent, but are thought to last up to 1 year. A few select patients have reported they felt their lasted as long as 2 years. The O-Shot doesnt work for incontinence, but ThermiVa and Exillis Ultra, 2 different vaginal rejuvenation treatments we offer at our New Jersey practices, do!

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Your private consultation with the doctor is the best time to talk about all of your concerns, and which treatment s will best for you. Patients typically experience for a year, though some find they want a boost around the 6 month mark, especially for those who had more severe symptoms before treatment. Benefits Include: Increased sexual response more female sensitivityeasier sexual arousal, more frequent orgasms, higher satisfaction with ones sex life, fewer issues with dryness or lack of natural lubrication, less pain during sex, greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, and healthier vaginal tissue.

No, this procedure is not FDA-Approved for this use. However, there is a good body of science around this procedures safety and use in other parts of the body to restore and rebuild tissues. Ask our doctors for specifics during your free consultation! This procedure works almost immediately - because we know how quickly our blood goes to work repairing cuts and trauma using the growth factors and healing elements inherent in your blood - and we know that this procedure is merely a concentrate of your own blood injected into the right places we want to restore.

So patients experience that are evident within the first few days, if not hours! While childbirth and hormonal changes are often blamed for lower libido in women, the truth is most women experience libido changes or sexual dysfunction at least once in their life, and the cause can be physicial or psychological, but its almost always complex in nature.

The Orgasm Shot works like a natural Viagra for women, using a concentrate of their own blood to heal and restore sexual function and sensitivity, which in turn spurs their sexual desire and makes it easier to achieve orgasm. Buy Skincare What's New.

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Does the O-Shot help with urinary incontinence? Can I have the O-Shot the same day as my consult? How do I prepare for my O-Shot treatment? How soon after having the O-Shot can I have sex again? Do I need to take off time from work or working out in order to have the O-Shot? What if the O-Shot doesn't work for me? Is the O-Shot painful? Is the O shot permanent? Does the O shot work for incontinence?

How long does the O shot last for? What are the benefits of the O shot? Is the O shot FDA approved? How quickly does the O shot work? What causes low libido in females?

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What is a natural Viagra for females? Michelle Ellern, MD. Become A Patient Today. Gallery Locate Call Schedule. Buy Skincare. What's New. See All.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Paterson New Jersey

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