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There are three things Nicholas Sparks knows how to do exceptionally well when it comes to storytelling: stir up emotions, set a beautiful scene, and crush readers' spirits as soon as they become invested in the characters. The author's formula has clearly worked. Inhe published his first and most revered novel, The Notebook. And ever since, Hollywood has been swift to turn his love stories into blockbuster movies. Here are 11 of his best book-to-movie adaptations. Thankfully, their relationship doesn't burn out once the season transitions, making audiences fall for the couple that defies age and illness.

By the time you get to the tragic ending of Jamie Sullivan Mandy Moore and Landon Carter's Shane West love story, this classic will already have you in your feels. Moore delivers big on the vocals, while West brings the charm as the resident bad boy. The on-screen couple recently sent Twitter into a frenzy when they reunited at Moore's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonyreminding us of Sparks's endearing love story.

He plays Luke Collins, a stubborn bull rider who starts a relationship with an art enthusiast name Sophia Danko Britt Robertson. Veteran actor Alan Alda also gives a brilliant performance as an ailing old man reflecting back on his life, while simultaneously inspiring the young couple with his stories.

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It's one of the best derivative works since The Notebook. Part of what makes Safe Haven enjoyable is that the movie is evenly paced. The lead characters, Katie Julianne Hough and widowed father Alex Josh Duhameldon't just fall head over heels for each other the first time they meet. There's build-up to their relationship, and it's well worth the wait.

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The movie also addresses domestic abuse, which Hough convincingly portrays as a fearful ex-wife. Although Alex is poised to play her knight in shining armor, Katie actually ends up rescuing and saving him and his two children instead. In this film, former high school sweethearts Amanda Michelle Monaghan and Dawson James Marsden reunite in their hometown as adults.

Of course, The Best of Me would rank a little higher on our list if we only critiqued the first half of the movie. However, unlike most of the adaptations here, this one is actually better at times than the book. Audiences get to see how their relationship developed from kids to adults.

Gabby Teresa Palmer moves in next door to Travis Benjamin Walkera guy she initially finds annoying. But as you might've guessed, she ends up falling Best books about love 2015 him. It helps that the movie is divided into two digestible parts, as opposed to flashbacks and flash-forward scenes that often dominate Sparks's films. Per the usual, the movie predominantly takes place in a small coastal town. The scenery makes it an enjoyable two hours, even if it's textbook romance.

In this flick, single mother Theresa Robin Wright discovers a message in a bottle while on vacation at the beach. The sentiment was meant for a woman named Catherine, but Theresa goes on a hunt to find the lady the letter is addressed to, which le her to Garret Kevin Costner. It's sentimental, sure. But the best thing about the film, besides the coupling of Costner and Wright, is that it doesn't include a predictable fairy tale ending. If nothing else, Dear John will make you long for the days when the only form of communication was letter-writing. However, the ending falls short and doesn't resemble the book, including the characters' appearances.

But, hey, at least there's a shirtless Channing throughout the film to keep purists distracted. Sparks's movies and books beautifully portray the South, and with The Lucky One 's Louisiana setting, it's no different. The romance film features the incomparable Blythe Danner in the role of Ellie, the grandmother of Beth Taylor Schilling. Zac Efron also stars as Logan, a former marine, who seeks out to find a mysterious woman from a photo who he believes is his good luck charm.

The Lucky One is worth watching because, unlike most Sparks adaptations, it actually Best books about love 2015 a happy ending. After appearing in 's erotic thriller UnfaithfulRichard Gere and Diane Lane teamed up again in for this one. This time around, though, their relationship is a lot less sinister. Paul Gere and Adrienne Lane find themselves in love after they randomly become acquainted at a beach house in North Carolina.

Before they became husband and wife in DecemberMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth starred in this heartwarming adaptation together. Cyrus and Hemsworth make sweet music together in the film, however, a lot of the charming moments from the book unfortunately didn't make it into the film.

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Best books about love 2015

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