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Amazing experience, I was there looking to buy a used car, I was a bit concern about my credit and the price of the car but meeting with lior got my confidence back, he explained me everything about the loan and we find a beautiful Acura that I really liked, lior and the team was nice and attentive and was approved for a loan in no time. I like how hassle and pressure free I felt dealing with lior. Thank you right price, I will definitely come again when buying my next car, oh, did I mention they have some vicious cars there, like challengers, Cameros and more so I would say great inventory.

I recommend you check this place up.

This was the most comfortable car I ever owned. Driving this car throughout college, I embraced the "old man" stigma that came with it. The nicest way to describe the interior styling is "simple. The trunk can carry so much, and even tall passengers can use the back seat with no issue. This car takes some getting used to. The hood seems to extend 20ft beyond the driver's seat, and it feels like floating over the road.

However, if you are lucky enough to call this beauty yours, you will embrace what it is, and enjoy the floating boat way of driving down the road.

I feel this review would not be complete without saying that my beauty tragically kicked it aroundmiles not incredibly high after the transmission started skipping and metal shavings were found in the transmission fluid upon investigation. As far as I know, this is not the norm. Plenty of leg room rides nice, little bit noisy, but not too bad, good price good on fuel, woukld get another one for sure.

Would not buy anything else in the same price range. A great no pressure sales experience. Chris was great assessing my needs and putting together a deal that worked for me. Cheap cars in las vegas nv so very much for an excellent customer service experience. No sales tactics and straight talk. Thanks again Chris! I did my homework before i bought this car,I had a honda it was not a saturn,enough said not sorry i bought this saturn also service was great.

I was in need of a used car a very short purchasing timeline. As selected my car which was very clean but, sadly when you buy a used car sometimes there are issues that are unforeseen. I was given a temporary loan car to drive while my car was being repaired. At the end of the repairs we determined that it would be more costly to continue to repair my original purchase. We switched cars and process new paperwork to purchase the car that was my loaner car.

Nick and his team were more than accommodating professional and reasonable. I am very happy with the car that I ended up with at the end. I would recommend anybody looking for a quality used car at a great price to go down and see Nick. The best auto buying dealer in all of Las Vegas!!! Best Auto Buy - go see Nick today No one can beat him at his prices or cars Excellent used cars!

Drives thru snow like butter powerful hp. Have always gotten complemints on its looks. Will keep til have to push it downhill!! I am very happy with the deal i got from Best Auto Buy. I had a large variety of cars to choose from and very competitive prices. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeble. I will def recommend this dealer to everyone looking to buy a car. Special thanks to Nick!! The Lincoln Town Car is now fazed out sincebut those that own one, should be very satisfied. You do not see any or very very little to be bought, WHY because they are, reliable, quiet ride, easy handling, and very Safe Body Frame, and Rear wheel Drive.

If you get a chance to find one and need a large vehicle check it out. Do not forget to see all the New Vehicles they have to choose from now, they are really a top notch vehicle for everyone. Plus they are American Made. They take the worries and hassles of searching, when trying to find a reputable car dealership. They are friendly and have that shake of the hand attitude. IF your stressing where to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. I bought this car used withmiles on it.

I needed a car to drive out to the desert to visit family, and for short rides to school and back. I decided to give the car a second chance, I replaced the transmission, a bunch of hoses that were feeling rough, changed all the fluids bc the owner never did any work to it. The car was fine before, but after putting in fresh stuff it was x better. I'm currently atmiles and shes still going strong. This car is super comfortable and easy to handle. I've taken road trips and never had any issues.

At some point I had an oil leak I wasnt aware of and had only about a quart and a half left out of the 5. It had been in a few accidents before I bought it, and then a few more with me, and she can take a hit. Theres plenty of room under the hood for DIY repairs. Super easy to work on and as a college student, most the parts have been mostly affordable, so that a plus for the wallet. This car has good power in the engine as well, picks up speed without a fight. Can easily fly mph out in desert freeways and again, handles nicely. Given the proper car from the start this car could probably last a lifetime, definitely gonna pass her down to younger siblings.

If your looking for a dependable and reliable car this is the one for you, ac blows cold never had any problems no accidents. Best car me and my family have ever owned. The Release 1. We love this car never failed us yet in the 14 year's we've had it normal maintenance timing belt ect. Have run with mobile one miles and still runs lie new car. I purchased my Solara Camry in with 47, miles on it. I now havemiles on it and it is still going strong. The body has taken some wear as it is not garaged and the clearcoat is starting to peel. I hate that I am thinking about getting a new car because this one has been such a great car.

The age of this vehicle is keeping me from putting money into it to get it looking like a newer car. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a great Cheap cars in las vegas nv car with awesome reliability and gas milage!

This car was purchased used with k miles as a winter vehicle. I ended up falling in love with it and kept it for about 3 years until a friend needed a car. Great performance with the v6, great handling - very European-feeling in handling and ergonomics especially. The letdown was the styling, and the lack of an obvious performance version. I put a set of Cobalt 17" wheels on mine - and had more people asking me "what is that? Such a cool car - and a great value used these days - even if miles are higher Roomy, reliable Cheap cars in las vegas nv a fun drive.

Onlymiles. Bought it used and have owned it for 8 years. Very trustworthy and FUN. The car is perfect for someone like me.

I'm over 6 feet tall, and I carry equipment when I travel. The car is perfect for my needs. I would buy another if Ford still made them; but, when I learned that Ford was going to phase out the Fiesta too, I couldn't resist buying one to replace the Sable.

I have been extremely happy and confident that I am safe while owning and driving this vehicle transporting my family, friends and elderly disabled clients I am an In Home Care Provider for the State of California for the past 16 years. I highly recommend it to you! This car has everything I was looking for in a car and it runs great. Its got leg room and it gets good gas mileage. One owner 21 years - still driving it. Super reliable vehicle has never left me stranded in themiles. Very few items if you think about it for the of years 21 andmiles. Bought car with 88k. Always garage kept so very good condition.

Changed ALL fluids, plugs, serpentine belt. Improved ride. Speedo went from 2 mph under at 60 mph to 3 mph over as a result but worth it for the ride - Hancook tires. Very quiet comfy ride.

Huge cargo area but poor legroom in rear seat - my only complaint. If your looking for upgrades forget about it. I was just looking for reliability and found it. Certified cars are manufacturer warrantied and typically go through a rigorous multi-point inspection. This car is likely to sell soon based on the price, features, and condition.

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Cheap cars in las vegas nv

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