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Unsurprisingly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the biggest hits this year, with many rushing to buy a Nintendo Switch to be able to in the island paradise fun. With the recent addition of new content, players are now wondering what other updates the future may hold.

One feature some fans have been asking for is for a romantic aspect to be added, allowing players to romance their animal neighbors. There's definitely some pros and cons to this idea, read on to find out more. New Horizons held a Wedding Season event earlier in the year, planting a seed in the minds of players that weddings could potentially become a staple feature in the future. The idea of being able to marry your favorite animal islanders is definitely one of the main positives that introducing romance to the game would yield.

It would be great to be able to plan the ceremony, inviting both island neighbors and friends from other islands. One of the biggest concerns for fans when discussing relationships if whether or not Nintendo would restrict romance options. Players want the freedom to be able to woo whoever they want, regardless of gender, so there would be a lot of fallout if Nintendo only allowed romance between members of the opposite genders. Essentially, Nintendo needs to go all in or not bother at all, or the fandom won't be happy.

While it Dating animal crossing be a very welcome feature if done right, Nintendo needs to tread carefully if they want to bring romance to the island. One thing fans would love to have included if relationships were added to the game is the opportunity to have their prospective beau move in with them. It would be super cute to be able to return home to find your partner waiting for you and pottering around the home you've made. Additionally, while no one wants the animals messing with their well-deed homes, it would be cute if they made suggestions about furniture or decorations that the player could choose whether to implement or not.

Introducing romantic relationships to the game would Dating animal crossing some logistical issues. If the animal moves in with you, do their house and belongings just disappear? If you split from the animal, where do they go? Does their house just reappear or would they leave the island entirely?

Then there's the relationship itself, it would make sense that you would have to build up to a romance, increasing your relationship with your neighbors in much the same way you do already. For example, if you are already in a romantic relationship with a villager, the game could allow romances to grow between two other villagers. It would be adorable to see, though it's also understandable that some players might not want this to happen if they're hoping to keep their options open. Though it would be absolutely adorable to see a miniature version of your favorite Animal Crossing villagerschildren just wouldn't work well within the game.

At some point, they'd have to grow up, and as there is a Dating animal crossing on how many animals can live on your island, would that mean you'd have to boot someone off? It would also mean Nintendo creating a host of new kid characters for each pre-existing villager, which doesn't seem likely. Furthermore, it could be yet another potential minefield if done incorrectly, Dating animal crossing as if children were only an option for opposite-sex marriages. Though having all kids be the result of adoption would resolve this. The Wedding Season event added a host of new items to the game, much to the delight of players.

If real weddings were added to the game, it stands to reason that even more items would be added, as well as possible DIY recipes for wedding ceremonies, and maybe even items that are specific for romancing villagers, such as engagement rings or chocolates. Additionally, it would be a great way for Nintendo to re-introduce a past NPC as a wedding planner, such as Luna or Harriet, giving them a new role now that their older roles have been made obsolete.

These letters are a great way for your villagers to showcase their quirky personalities and it's always super cute to see what they have written to you. However, if your favorite animal is now living with you, those letters would surely stop, which would be a great shame.

While partners could instead offer up gifts to the player, it would be a shame to lose that pen pal aspect of the game with your favorite villager. It would be a really neat feature if the animal spouse of the player played some kind of role on the island, perhaps as an island caretaker, similar to a purchasable feature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where they could take care of the island when you're not online.

Even to a lesser extent, they could simply give the player resources or Bells that they have found or earned during the day, as if contributing to the household.

One concern that players have about potential romances is how their fellow animal villagers might react to their new romance. Depending on their personality type, the animals that live on your island don't necessarily get along and can sometimes argue with one another, or share their dislike of each other with the player. If the player enters into a romantic relationship with a particular type of animal personality, would it then cause animals of a conflicting personality type to dislike the player by association? Hopefully, it wouldn't change the player's friendships with other animals on their island.

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Dating animal crossing

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