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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Member Map Advanced Search. May 9th,AM 1. An Intro to Collecting Sheaffer Photos! Often forgotten though is that the blossoming of pen collecting in the USA owes much to a First Fandom from the 's's, collectors who looked back to old pens at a time when modern fountain pen offerings in the USA were somewhat limited. Some 35 years or so ago, collectors of old pens wrote the first books about the hobby and founded the first pen conventions.

The expanding collector base created a milieu which in turn permitted the growth of modern fountain collecting in the USA. This flood of modern pens perhaps threatens to swamp the presence of old pens, which offered a more limited range back in the day, though probably with more pens made, as pretty well all writers had to have one. And of course only a modest fraction of those pens survive to modern times.

With its first pens offered sometime fromSheaffer subsequently manufactured pens continuously in the USA for about a century, closing its Fort Madison, Iowa factory only within the last couple years, moving operations abroad. By the mid 's USA prestige fountain pen production really had been whittled down to Parker and Sheaffer. I date the origin of pen collecting as an organized, national-scale hobby to the publication of Cliff Lawrence's first book in A remarkable array of s's Sheaffer "flat-tops", a light sample of my early Sheaffers.

Details below. Craig Sheaffer, Walter's son. Cherry Red Pigmy. Might it really have been made of casein rather than Celluloid? Black and Pearl oversized Lifetime White Dot. Cherry Red oversized Secretary. Orange Celluloid called Coral by Sheaffer. Off-catalogue bandless pen with chrome trim Jade Celluloid with black ends. Did pens such as this represent Sheaffer's insecurity regarding the black-end pens of the Evil Competition? Quite scarce Blue Pigmythis one a bit rough. Rare large gold-filled flat-top. Most of this sort were well more slender.

Last edited by david i; May 23rd, at AM. David R. World's heftiest daily vintage pen eye candy. Reply With Quote. May 9th,AM 2. One might call the s Sheaffer's "Decade of the Balance ". Sheaffer's new streamlined pen, Balancetook the industry by storm and-- as noted in my Gold Bond Fountain Pen article appearing in the May Dating sheaffer fountain pens Magazine-- forced other pen makers to take steps to embrace the move from the plain cylinders that had dominated pendom for thirty years or more, a move made more difficult by Sheaffer's litigious nature.

Patents and industry notices for Balance appeared inadverts and sales commenced apparently incatalogues persisted through and some adverts and production continued perhaps even further into the 's. Sheaffer Balance late s. Oversized Balance Black-and-Pearl rare with solid gold Autograph trim. Sub-brand Vacuum in brown Lahn Celluloid. Last edited by david i; June 5th, at AM. May 9th,AM 3. These pens fell distressingly below our radar for most of collectable pendom's 35 years, starting to come into the light just during just the past decade, and still incompletely explored.

The 's Balance always had been highly collectable. The 's Snorkel long had been popular, an affordable high quality pen, with collector interest growing more recently with the appreciation of scarce colors and special nibs to be found with that series. But Sheaffers from the 's? Black Hole, baby. A top-flight selection of 's Sheaffer Fountain Pens Details below:. Forticel injection plastic Touchdown style Tuckaway pen, Green Forticelrare Touchdown Demonstrator.

Last edited by david i; June 1st, at AM. May 9th,AM 4. It yielded in to Snorkelwhich ran through the end of the decade. Later Dating sheaffer fountain pens the 's, Sheaffer introduced cartridge pens, today somewhat dissed by collectors who lean toward self-filling pens, but Skripsert and Lady Skripsert were not cheap or poor quality pens, and Lady Skripsert today has a growing following, in no small part due to the unusual for Sheaffer and pretty finishes offered.

Sheaffer Pen Company partnered with a company founded by another Walter- Lenox China- to release a series of desk sets featuring Lenox's classic white-with-gold-trim bases and Sheaffer's stunning Golden Moire desk pens. Sheaffer's Snorkel Fountain Pen.

Davey's Sheaffer Snorkel Collector's Guide. A selection of 's Sheaffers from my Dating sheaffer fountain pens : details below. Snorkel Demonstrator, superb condition Snorkel in high-cachet Peacock, prize pen marked for the Ed Sullivan Show Snorkel in high-cachet Mandarin Snorkel in high-cachet Periwinkle Snorkel in high-cachet Fern Snorkel in high-cachet Vermilion Snorkel in high-cachet Fiesta Snorkel very scarce with reverse trimchrome trim instead of the expected gold-filled Snorkel, a monster English pen in solid 9k gold, barley pattern Pen For Men in high-cachet Gray Pen for Men, one of just a couple known today in solid 9k goldEnglish.

Last edited by david i; May 16th, at AM. May 9th,AM 5. I do far less with these pens than I do with earlier pens, through no fault of the pens; I just favor older stuff. But, I find I'm stocking them on my website more often, as they are turning up more often in collections I purchase, and because general collector interest in them appears to be growing as they transition from modern to near-modern to vintage. I've still a lot to learn. Sheaffer offered a hefty of series during the last fifty years, often with ificant overlap in production eras.

Pen For Men. Imperial and similar appearing Lifetime pens, most of both owing appearance to PFM, also started out around the turn of the decade. Imperial offered some lovely metal finishes. The Compact was a related short pen. Nostalgia -- released in was a throwback to the metal overlay pens of the 's see Part 1, above.

Connaisseurwith a roughly 15 year run starting in the mid Dating sheaffer fountain pens, evoked the "Flat Tops" of yore and included a couple neat series of translucent-plastic pens for Levengers. Legacy indeed was a legacy of the Sheaffer PFM, borrowing contour, though not filling system, and offering many finishes. Connaisseur: or so, maybe with gaps modern Crest: modern Balance: Legacy and Legacy II: ??

Intrigue: Valor:. Sheaffer 's-current Details below. Barrel ink-view windows add some charm. Last edited by david i; June 9th, at PM. May 9th,AM 6. Realize that any era- even any series- provides enough material for a multi- article or even a book.

Individual models or even single pens can offer enough subject matter for hefty online discussions. The early era featuring flat-end cylindrical pens contains numerous series, based on color, finish, price point, etc. The 's Balance series alone comprises hundreds of variants, many not shown in any of the many company catalogues.

The 's remain woefully under-explored in articles.

An outrageous selection of Sheaffer Balance 's pens with off-catalogue cap-bands: double, triple, fish-scale bands instead of the usual smooth single cap-band. May 9th,AM 7. Knowledge is power.

Wisdom transcends facts and book learning. Those who rise to power so to speak in the hobby generally have interacted with other collectors, engaging in classic mentor-apprentice relationships. One can learn different aspects of collecting from different people. But, limiting oneself to reading books and-- in this internet era-- to reading online will limit one's skill set and the depth of one's hobby wisdom.

I can make some suggestions: Learn to grade carefully, particularly for pre pens. Watch in particular for cracks and for hidden repairs Watch for parts mixes, pens cobbled together from a couple or more different style pens.

These can be Collect what you want, but do it with knowledge.

Read articles and books. Find original catalogues. Go to pen shows. Did I mention? Connect with experienced collectors. Reading is fine, but most in our hobby have benefited from that ol' apprentice-mentor thing the Pen Collectors of America. You'll get three issues of PENnant each year and have access to a massive downloadable library, including hundreds of original bits of company paperwork and catalogues as well as back issues of The PENnant and of Pen World International.

Learn at least the basics of pen restoration. Even if you ultimately do not do your own work, you will gain insight into the process, helping you know when it is OK to purchase "problem" pens. May 9th,AM 8. The various pen message boards offer sales fora.

Dating sheaffer fountain pens

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