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Home » Dating » Apps » U. Although the District of Columbia only covers a very small corner of the U. Online dating! The best dating apps in DC are an ideal, technology-driven way for DC singles to search, meet, and connect. For most of the country, January is the hottest time of the year for online dating. However, when we go back through the search trends for online dating in the District, the spikes that you see in the data below over the past five years are actually in the month of December.

While this probably still means a bunch of activity in the month of January and year-roundit does look like the city gets a jump on the rest of the country by about a month. Additionally, the DC area ranks 12th in the country for search interest in online dating year-round.

Whether you are in the west, north, east, or south neighborhoods of the District, there are plenty of singles ready to meet someone just like you. In such a politically-charged city for obvious reasons, people are quite vocal about where they stand on issues and what is and is not important to them.

The District of Columbia is relatively small with a lot of people commuting from outside areas. Would you not want to date someone just because they technically lived in a different state but were still close?

Of course not! For that reason, the best dating apps in DC have the ability to search for singles based on a distance radius. This helps to increase the opportunities you have to find someone who is perfectly compatible. For the men? DC ranks 12th in the nation for states or districts with the most interest in online dating. December is the hottest month for online dating in the DC-Metro area details below.

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Dating site dc

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Dating in DC: Why Washington is a Capital Place to Find Love