Dog training classes indianapolis

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Does your dog have behavioral issues? Do they just refuse to obey commands? Problems socializing with other dogs? One on One access to our expert trainers in the comfort of your home. Lessons can be tailored to any training goal. Custom and convenient. All programs are tailored to your individual dog and needs. We pick-up, drop-off and provide follow up training in your home. Guaranteed!

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Molly is a young lab that is staying with Suburban K9 for our doggie boot camp program. Max is a typical 8 month old puppy.

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He loves to run, jump, and act wild. Chasing kids is pretty high on his priority list! Alex Bassett was the trainer for our overgrown pup Kobe. We knew we had to get him trained and Alex didn't disappoint. In our first meet and greet, Alex jotted down areas we wanted to focus on with Kobe's training. She was also very attentive to learn our lifestyle and Kobe's boundaries when she visited our house such that Kobe's training was tailored to make him succeed. Our top three priorities were to make Kobe heel on walks, reduce barking and nipping, and recall. I'm happy to say that after 2 weeks of boarding with Alex, Kobe was fully trained on these three asks and some of the basic commands were more structured sit, down, stay.

We are very pleased with the training and the follow up session that Alex has provided. She has given us feedback and pointers on questions we may have. In addition she has shown us ways to challenge Kobe to progress his training.

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We rescued a puppy and wanted him to have a wonderful training experience, so we chose SuburbanK9. Molly J. Molly was amazing from the start: kind, warm, friendly and easy to talk to about what we were looking to accomplish with his training. We received daily updates about his progress during his two week board and train. He came back to us a happy, well socialized puppy and very easy to walk in a leash.

We have two other dogs, so we definitely needed him to heal at our side during daily walks. Overall, Molly did a wonderful job training him and I highly recommend her and SuburbanK9 for all your needs when looking into training any new dog you add to your family.

Holly at Suburban K9 was tasked with taking our new 6-year-old rescued German Shorthaired Pointer retired hunting dog and turning him into the most Ranger came to us scared, growly and aggressive out of fear. We were actually scared of him for a while. While he was well trained as a hunting dog, he had no idea how to just be a dog. He has made such great strides and while he is still working on finding another 'dog friend', he can easily coexist with other dogs, isn't at all aggressive anymore, and is just relaxing into dog life after a few short months!

He responds to all the commands we need him to and you can just see how happy he is trying to please us. Thanks for turning a scared 80 lb dog into a great big love-bug! After two weeks of training with her, After two weeks of training with her, his behavior and manners completely changed. We are able to bring him everywhere we go without us having anxiety about how he is going to act and behave around other people and dogs!

We are so grateful and highly recommend her and Suburban K9 Dog Training. It was definitely worth the money and wish we had done it sooner. Thank you Dog training classes indianapolis much!!

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I contacted Suburban K9 when Moxie was 4 months old. As a group, we decided to wait until Moxie was spayed before we did As a group, we decided to wait until Moxie was spayed before we did the two week board and train. We are nearing retirement and want Moxie to be a travel companion A month after Moxie was spayed, at 6 months old Gracie and Samantha met me at my house. We had ly spoken several times on the phone and exchanged e-mails.

We went over what I was wanting and how they were going to train Moxie. We felt very confident that the training would go well and Moxie was in great hands. During the training we received many regular pictures and updates regarding Moxie's progress. When Gracie and Samantha brought Moxie back to us after two weeks, she was happy, healthy, and well behaved. It was an amazing transformation. Gracie and Samantha stayed a couple of hours that first day and showed us what Moxie had learned, how the commands worked, and what we needed to do to get the best eesults.

They came back a week later to check on us and we were doing great. We now practice what Moxie has learned everyday and she is getting really, really, good. It is nice to walk around the neighborhood, in a park, or into a store and have Moxie Dog training classes indianapolis heel. She walks right there where she is supposed to and can sit and stay while you talk or pay at a register.

She doesn't jump on anyone, she doesn't Dog training classes indianapolis or rush into a doorway, she is very patient and follows instruction well Moxie is certainly very well behaved and we look forward to traveling with her.

If we decide Moxie needs to learn anything else or we get another puppy, we are certainly going to reach out to Gracie and Samantha with Suburban K9. To Gracie and Samantha, thank you so much for what you have done for us. To Suburban K9, thank you for having such great animal people on your staff.

To everyone else, I highly recommend giving them a call as I know you will be very happy with what they can do for you. Doug S Spring, Tx read less. I called Suburban K9 about our 7-month-old puppy who had a of behavioral issues. We needed help with potty training, being able to We needed help with potty training, being able to control her while walking, stopping her from biting things and staying off the counters among other things. The company was great to work with from the start. We ended up selecting the 2-week Board and Train program for our girl and she came back to us a new woman!

I was barely able to control her on our walks prior to the training. Any dog, bike, person, etc. After her training, we are now able to control her and take pleasant walks with her. Our trainer, Kayla, is excellent.

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She took a lot of time when she came to pick up our dog to explain the approach they take when working with their boarders and exactly what her days would be like. She kept us informed regularly of progress made and we were very comfortable entrusting our dog to her. When our pup returned home, Kayla took a lot of time teaching us the commands and techniques we need to continue to let her know that we are her leader. I highly recommend Suburban K9 and Kayla to train a dog of any age that you need help with! Holly W. She always left me with helpful notes and homework because the key is also to reinforce all he learned with her at home AND then he homework is something I can do everyday which is much more rational to me than other dog trainers.

She also had Ian shadow her amazing work and he was great too!! This Dog training classes indianapolis the best investment I ever made, your dog is with you for at least a decade and you want those years to be great and fun as opposed to stressing out about them not listening to you so go to Suburban K9! Also my friend at the dog park did the 2 week board and train with Zach I believe but regardless she had nothing but positive reviews about Suburban K9!

Sabrina has been a god send! Buzz and Phoebe are 3 and 1yr old English Bulldogs. They had a lot of challenges adjusting They had a lot of challenges adjusting to each other and finding their role in our family. Sabrina is so loved by them and us. She has successfully helped Buzz through his anxiety issues and we can now walk through the neighborhood without stares from fellow walkers. They were reluctant to Sabrina at first cause she expected a lot from them, but now they can't wait for her weekly visit. She takes them to fun places and does lots of socializing with them while incorporating training.

Sabrina keeps us informed of their progress and listens to our concerns. She has changed our life! Right from the very beginning everyone was extremely helpful and informative. I inquired about putting my five month old German Shepherd into training and I inquired about putting my five month old German Shepherd into training and had a lot of questions of course. I received answers to everything I could possibly think of including the interview process for the trainers themselves along with the benefits of each Dog training classes indianapolis and what I should expect.

Lilliana arrived to my house and was super friendly and easy to work with right away. She spent a half hour with us in the house and our puppy and getting to know more about what we were looking for and to see how she acted in her environment. Throughout the course of the two weeks Liliana sent us updates via text message along with photos and videos of how Maci was doing in the training and all the new pup friends that she was making.

At the end of the two weeks Lilliana returned with Maci and spent two hours with us showing us what she learned and transferred the skill sets over to me, my husband and two small. We saw an immediate transformation from Maci especially from the basic obedience of just not jumping on somebody at the front door, not going on the couch and heeling by your side when going on walks.

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Lilliana had all of the items on hand ready for purchase that she used throughout the training that allowed us to continue the training process with her. It was convenient for her to have everything already and made it easier for us to avoid having to skip a beat with the training. There were two more training classes that followed in the home with Liliana it was great to have her coming back and following up to see how she was doing. I highly recommend Suburban K-9 and definitely Lilliana Calero!

Thank you! We sent our almost 1 year lab, Ash, to board Dog training classes indianapolis train with Julia. He has had some anxiety issues covid puppy, barking, doesnt I have to say I was skeptical of how he would come back and how much of this could be changed. I have to say that Julia is a wonder and Ash has come back a different dog!!!! He now enjoys laying in his crate, he knows all the commands, and is a completely different dog when walking. I can now trust him to let the kids walk him.

Julia checked in with us every other day or so and sent us pics and has come back for 1 of 2 follow ups. You can tell how much she knows about caring for and training dogs and how much she cares. She has also randomly checked in on Ash. Overall the entire K9 experience is one we would highly recommend and have already!!

And please ask for Julia! She was amazing with Ash!!

Dog training classes indianapolis

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