English mastiff puppies virginia

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Sorry it has been so long since I gave you an update. We hike the Black Hills every day and have been doing lots of camping in the Hills, Wyoming, and Montana. I have attached some pix of Sioux looking out the window at some deer across the street: we have Mule deer, White-tails, and Big Horn sheep walking through our hood on a regular basis.

Sioux loves to chase English mastiff puppies virginia, especially deer. Also, I saw your note about the waiting list for pups: it sounds like you have been dealing with some very impatient people. Keep up the great work — I get compliments on Sioux every day! C ris Campbell. I have wanted to write for a while now, but I waited to make sure that what I wanted to say earlier was in fact true.

What was I waiting for? Well, after one week of having Sioux I began to suspect that he was very special. He was house-trained in less than two weeks, and picks up everything I teach him on the first or second lesson. Sioux is my fourth mastiff, and I thought my last one Duke was a perfect dog and also thought I could never have a better dog than Duke. Needless to say, I am absolutely astonished. Sioux has met every one of my expectations, which were probably unreasonable, and he has exceeded them.

I cannot tell you how happy he makes me, and how much I look forward to a huge life of adventure with him. We are going on our first camping trip this weekend. In the meantime, here are some pix of the beautiful boy. They do want a healthier dog with a longer lifespan and therefore less vet bills…. We produce this, and back them up with a 5 year health guarantee and always can help guide you in preventing problems caused by commercial dogfoods, over vaccination and malnutrition, just to name a few… We are always here for you and your dog….

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They want a dog that they will always remember as the best dog they ever had…. Our dogs are gentle and calm in nature, being a welcome part in any family…. They want a dog that is great with children and other animals but also a dog that will protect his family if needed and only if NEEDED…. Our dogs love children and adults and protect them from danger… They do not however, chase after a stranger just because he is there… But if he is a threat, they can tell… And they will let you know if a stranger or anything different is there or happening… Otherwise they are very quiet… We want our dogs to be part of the family, be allowed to play with other dogs and we want them to be a great companion for your family and have a long and healthy life with you….

Please see the testimonials all over our site and visit our Giant Maso Face book. Our happy dogs and happy customers is what matters to us!! If this is what you are looking for please at thrtkennel aol. We bought our Giant Maso, Gromit, from you in May English mastiff puppies virginia I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our sweet, sweet boy! He is the epitome of a Gentle Giant and is truly a wonderful dog. Gromit went camping with us this weekend at Lake English mastiff puppies virginia.

He was obedient, friendly, and fabulous with all other dogs and children. I took these pictures of him there along the shoreline and thought you might like to see what a beautiful dog he has grown up to beJ Thanks again for your commitment to responsible breeding and providing our family with the best dog ever! Hi Terry, I know it is has been forever since I have sent you an update on Rhody. Rhody is a female that we bought from you and your son last March. My two children ages 4 and 6 are in love with her.

Rhody is the best dog I have ever met around children. She attends birthday parties and makes visits to our local elementary school. She has even been to Disney World…. Rhody is currently 10 months old and last time we weighted her which was a few months ago she was pounds…I am sure she is a lot heavier then that now. Oh I also have to tell you she is a dream on the leash. I take her jogging with me and the kids in the double running stroller and she is wonderful!! We have become celebrities in our neighborhood!

We just love her to death! Anyway, here are a few pictures of Rhody. I thought they came out really well so I wanted to share them with you. My husband is still in Iraq so I was taking pictures of her to send to him but I thought I would pass them on to you as well. Hope all is well and hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! He is getting bigger by the day and doing great with his obediance. I cant imagine my life without him, he has become a very important part of this household.

Thanks again. Lisa Terri. Hey Terri! How are you doing? We named her Kahlua. We love her so much. And she always will be. We are currently pregnant now, we are expecting May 1st. We get so many comments and compliments about her being such a beautiful and well behaved dog. She is a very well behaved dog. We actually was at the local starbucks and a couple came up to us and ask about her and we told them all about you and your kennel. They have been talking to you. Their names are Kristen and Shawn from California.

In fact this will prove to you how much this dog is spoiled.

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Thanks so much once again Terri. If I ever get another which I want to someday I will give you another call definitely. Thanks again and happy holidays to you and your family, including your dogs. Casey and Anna Dear Thunderheart Farm. Beatrix Kiddo has grown exponentially! She was the best little baby, she was sweet and cuddly and most importantly potty trained the day we took her home. She is doing VERY well in traning and really shows up her classmates. She not a barker, which is wonderful. She walks very well and gets so excited when we put the leash on her.

She is incredible in the car, she is a perfect angel- no barking or crazy behavior, she is pure zen calm even after a LONG road trip to Michigan. She is very protective of mommy and daddy and makes sure her pack is safe. Her favorite thing is to jump on our laps when we are watching TV and snuggle up with us. She is too funny… She makes the funniest faces and noises and just seems to communicate her thoughts and feelings so clearly.

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I know, I know. Thank you so SO much for breeding such a perfect, loving dog. We will most definitely get another mastiff, probably as soon as in 6 months! Zeus and Athena and Titan are doing fabulous.

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Here are a few pictures. Titan already weighs 17 pounds!!

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They tell us how beautiful he is and well behaved and good natured and they are amazed for him being so young. He is really smart, we show him something once and he remembers. He is going to be such a wonderful service dog. Maine is learning alot about this breed now and everyone that loves the big dog breeds are so interested in him. I English mastiff puppies virginia have one woman chase me down at work last week to meet Goliath and ask me lots of questions about the breed because her husband has been researching them and trying to fine a reputable breeder here in Maine and I told her there were none in Maine and if she wants a healthy dog to contact you and I gave here your website.

Goliath is also microchipped and registered where he is so popular and rare here in Maine. How is his brother Moose, he must be getting so big as well. Hi Terri, Goliath is 7months and Now he seems to grow over night, its so amazing. I wanted to let you know that I have told many people about you and the quality dogs from there, especially since Goliath was such a big hit at the Hospice house for terminal cancer patients in Scarborough Maine. They loved him and he was such a comfort to everyone there when my father in was passing away.

Everyone was amazed that such a large dog can be so gentle and soothing to everyone, he just seemed to know just the right thing to do.

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Thanks so much for allowing us to have Goliath. He is so wonderful. Hi Terri, Sorry if you received the first with unfinished note. Goliath is one year old now and lbs. He is in perfect health and brings joy to everyone he meets up with as well as our family. He is an enormous asset to me for my health issues but he also seems to spread his gift of calming and feeling loved to everyone he comes in contact with. The College of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Southern Maine loves him whole heartedly, the faculty, staff and students that all get to see him on a daily basis.

Everyone looks for him and loves him to pieces. He is an extremely smart service dog and seems to pick up on my health needs before I can even give him a command, its great. He is so well behaved, good natured and great security in more than one way. Thanks so much for the quality and needs of others you take in to consideration when you breed. The old english mastiff is such a wonderful breed with all your loving care you put into it as well.

Maine just loves Goliath and are English mastiff puppies virginia a lot about the breed too.

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Oh yeah, how is his brother Moose? Could you send a recent picture of him for the update in our book we keep on Goliath? We have named her Harley and she is the best puppy we have ever had. She absolutely loves people and follows my kids around everywhere they go. I think she is absolutely wonderful and she has stolen our hearts already. She is about 20 pounds now and just so full of love. We are working on the potty training but she is already sleeping through the night!!!! I have attached a few photos so you can see her.

She is truly a blessing to our family!!!

English mastiff puppies virginia

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