Fall in love hard

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To be loved is something. Falling in love is like trying to describe the color yellow. You could describe it as green, with a little less blue. You could even associate it with feelings of warmth and happiness. The same goes for falling in love. Maybe your parents are madly in love, or they divorced when you were young. I Fall in love hard my boyfriend, Nish, at my birthday party three and a half years ago.

We were friends for two years before we were both single at the same time. Nish and I did end up dating, but at the time, I had a history of being attracted to cocky, egotistical guys. I ended things after the third date. We went back to being friends.

But I felt a twinge of regret creep up inside me that I made the wrong decision. Sometimes, the greatest things take time. Once it was clear that things were going well with Nish, I started to worry as I tend to do about what that meant for our relationship. But with Nish, our connection was very real.

The stakes feel high, and that can be terrifying. Not that sustaining life-happiness that everyone wants. During that time, I developed an eating disorder and still ignored the depression I had since middle school. What ended up happening was that I put a bandaid on a gaping wound and thought that would be enough. A little over a year before I started dating Nish, I made a promise to myself.

And the were beautiful. For once in my life, I was OK with being alone. Falling in love is a mysterious process.

There are a lot of uncertainties. In fact, it started in a passionate whirlwind of feelings. I met him at a table read for a project my colleague at work was filming. What followed was quick and intoxicating; we saw each other almost every single day for weeks. We hiked, ate great foods, and he told me he loved me after a few weeks of dating. I thought that if soulmates were real, Sean was mine. I watched the facade of the charming man who stole my heart crumble into a hideous monster who hurt me every day.

I thought Sean was forever, but he was merely a lesson.

So yes, you may fall out of love. You may have your heartbroken. But with every love you do fall into, you learn more about yourself and create memories along the way. A relationship is like a complex recipe. Falling in love is seeing another person for all of who they are: their personality, passions, weaknesses, and whether they snore at night.

Between groceries, work, bills, rent, cutting your hair, and buying toilet paper, life can feel monotonous at times. But love is sneaky in that it makes those repetitive parts of life feel a little less stale. Nish and I moved into a cute West Hollywood apartment together about four months ago.

Most of our days are the same: we wake up, I make coffee, we Fall in love hard begin work, we eat lunch together, more work, and then we watch TV at night. Watching TV with Nish is one of my favorite things to do. Seeing his smile every morning puts a pep in my step for the workday. The other person gives all the dull parts of life more energy. Not all the time, of course, but a lot of the time. When you meet someone with whom everything comes together — passion, friendship, same life goals, timing, and chemistry — two things happen.

And you grow together. The latter is the important part. One where you fall in love with them over and over. Falling in love will look different for everyone. Want to feel confident in your relationships? Get weekly advice sent straight to your inbox. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.

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Fall in love hard

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