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Awkward how I used to sing this to girls lol. Every dream and all of My passions are in your hands too. Thank you my love. You are my one true love You are the voice that is so sweet In everything I do, you bring the best out of me You are my wings to fly You are the wind beneath them I miss you every night, when I close my eyes You put your feelings down You stopped your tears you brought me love You held to my heart You held with hope to have me near Sometimes I close my eyes Sometimes I let my hunger rise I think of all you are, you are the love of my life All of my dreams and my passions Are in your hands You reached me in my need Your rhythm flows under my skin I need you desperately, A sweet healing that will begin You are my one true love You are the voice that is so sweet In everything I do, you bring the best out of me My everything is you The very motions that I move And everything with richness The richness of the peace you bring Always, always you are with me You are the love of my life He comes to find you on your knees.

There's this girl I call my Special Friend because I'm giving her time because she got out of a four year relationship. We've been seeing each other almost 2 months and we've been talking for 2 months before we met up.

This is Falling up lyrics falling in love theme song I chose for her. The part where it says "all of my dreams and my passions are in your hands". I feel without her I would still be working on myself and my dreams and passions, because I wouldn't want her feeling like I'm giving up on life without her she has had guys manipulate her because they can't be without her and don't want to live, etc. If I don't have her in my life anymore like if I lose her I'm going to reach my dreams and meet my expectations for myself with my passions way slower in life.

I already love her and know I want her forever. Not just because what she does for me Who she is. We all have that one girl or guy who is the most beautiful or the most good looking. Other guys find her attractive but they are not respectful and have always made her feel like there's someone else. She's my one and only, ans sometimes I have to try so hard to get her to really understand that's how much she means to me, but all the time it's worth trying so hard for her love. Its ok my crush I still love you You don't provide your self to. Dear any member of falling up, This song changed my life.

And is still one of my favorite songs after 10 years. Saw you guys live multiple times when I was younger. Love this band so much! OMG this song brings sooo many memories! I was listening to it when i was like My boyfriend sent me this song so when I feel lonely and depressed I can listen to it and not get upset, he's so cute and it works It might be an ok song if they were not so monotone. Use more then three notes for the vocals. To my Husband. Thank you for helping me become a better person. I love you always. My ex dedicated this song in - - after we broker up, today facebook showed this to me I have a boyfriend and me and boyfriend are in a long distance relationship because me and him met on a dating site and i this song is like what happened 2 me when i talk to my boyfriend because he changed me and i mean by that is he changed the way how been feeling about life and my soul and my heart too and i been wanting to be more of a girl and i am into the romantic stuff now too and i want to look sexy for my boyfriend but i don't live near him at all.

Mia Dunlap I be sexy when I see him. Meh loves u he don't look at the outside he looks at the enter of u if he loved you he look over the flaws and inperfection.

I decided this song to my beautiful emo sexy hot sexy queen Wolfie queen wife Alice I love you so much and I miss you so much and I love you. All of my dreams and my passions are in your lovely beautiful hands. I don't believe in a god I was told to go to a fall retreat with a church and my foot hurt some guy prayed over my foot and it healed and I'm trying to figure out why I don't understand.

Shut up and just enjoy the music damn. Why does the singer remind me of linkin park or chester benniggton maybe both just me or anyone else? My baby dedicated this song to me today. Oh my gosh, how relevant this song is to our relationship. I love him. I love Brandon. We're getting married soon. Jessica done talking and im done sleep with all these guy in this song such that you would like all thin you send to me sucks and Earl I are doing every good deeply in love and I'm done with all guys I feel bad and not right he's my everything You are my one true love You are the voice that is so sweet In everything I do, you bring the best out of me You are my wings to fly You are the wind beneath them.

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Falling up lyrics falling in love

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