Girls in montenegro

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Montenegro suffers from the strong traditional priority of continuing the family line by conceiving a boy, a feat seen as a near obligation for young couples. Difficult to eradicate, the tradition has pressured couples into undergoing selective abortionchoosing to continue a pregnancy only if the unborn child is male.

Pregnant women in Montenegro often undertake a prenatal test to determine the gender of their babies. However, many mothers go to Serbia to avoid bureaucratic restrictions. People are reluctant to address issues that touch on the cultural and traditional roots of our society but we cannot get anywhere by sweeping the problem under the carpet.

Campaigners have dedicated a small memorial to the memory of the baby girls who were never born near the monument of St. Gynaecologist Milano Rolovic believes that the problem of selective abortion is complex and centres on the education and patriarchal tradition of Montenegrin society. Demographic statistics confirm that while the global average for newborns is females for every males, in Montenegro the average for newborns is females to males.

Campaigners fear that it may require a long and more intimate exposure to different cultures to convince future generations in Montenegro to abandon the wide-scale killing of the unborn based simply on their gender. By Erik Messori.

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Girls in montenegro

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Women in Montenegro