Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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We specialize in creative hair color, precision haircutting and staying on top of trends to keep your hair looking incredible. Get Dolled Up caters to a wide variety of clientele and we offer a of speciality services as well! Come visit us and fall in love with your new hair. At Get Dolled Up, we believe in beauty. We encourage our stylists and our guests to be authentic. We welcome diversity. We love to share our work on instagram!

With over 85, followers between us, we are proud to influence and inspire hairdolls everywhere! Staff was super nice and took the time to talk me through what I wanted and what they'd recommend. I felt like I was just hanging out with friends which is great when you have to sit for 2-hours waiting for a biolage to set. So picky with my hair as it has been ruined a few times. Geri Beth is amazing!

She has Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin multiple colors on me until I finally found a shade that I loved. When I came in for an appointment after all I had to say was same color as last time and she had not only my formula but the pictures of the color after asking me if I liked the placement etc. I'm so happy I found her salon!. I recently saw Geri Beth for a coloring appointment. I want sure exactly what I wanted, but we worked out some amazing neon watermelon colours.

I really enjoyed the appointment, and talking with her and some of the other people there. It was a lot of fun and my hair turned out amazing. Geri and her team are amazing! You'll never have to search for another place to go after you come here! I can't say enough wonderful things about Geri Beth and her crew.

Her attention to detail and her skill is clear and precise, she literally gave me the hair of my dreams. She is also a wonderful teacher to the girls she is sharing her skills with. I have never had such a wonderful experience sitting in a salon chair. No one else is ever touching my hair again if I can help it. Thank you so much! Absolutely love this place.

I have never gotten better service or better hair anywhere else. I have had my hair colored, cut, extensions, extensions dyed and cut, etc here and loved it everytime. Go here. You will not regret it. Geri Beth and her staff are highly talented, cool, hip and friendly. If you're tired of disappointment with your blonde highlights or colors then visit Geri Beth and she'll do it right. She has blonding to perfection! I'm a brunette with grey. I'm now a long blonde hair girl. I love it!! It's healthy! Try the fiberplex treatment too! As a travel nurse, I've had my hair done all over the country.

These stylists are all SOOO well trained and so knowledgeable. They can get you blonde in one setting without the orange you get other places, and I didn't think it was possible until I saw it in action. No high pressure product sales. Just subtle suggestions. They are experts in fun colors and balayage. And refuse to do anything to damage your hair. Get Dolled up is an adorable salon with talented stylists. It takes a while to find someone you trust with your hair, and Geri Beth is your girl if you're picky like I am.

She happily answered questions and provided advice on color that I just couldn't pass up! Every time she has done my hair, it has come out absolutely beautifully. I'm so glad I finally found someone I can trust in the Milwaukee area! I will genuinely have higher standards after being a hairdoll while in Milwaukee! I'm so glad I found Geri Beth. Her and her team of stylists are very well versed and educated in the hair industry! I always receive compliments on my hair even if it is weeks from the time I last saw Geri Beth.

Quality all around from the people to products! I wouldn't Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin anywhere else for hair color - they science the crap out of hair, and the result this week is that I'm blonde! They believe in using great products Schwarzkopfgiving excellent service, and a lot of training and continuing education to make sure they are ready to give you cutting edge looks. I've come here for years - the staff is always so friendly and it doesnt hurt that they have wine. But the best part is Geri Beth and her staff stay on top of the very latest hair trends and techniques, so you can get that to-DYE for style you want by someone who actually knows how to do it!

They also have a really convenient app android and ios for booking appointments, etc. And offer several services outside of hair.

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I definitely recommend to all. Staying on top of the trends and latest in hair color, cut and style, her work has been showcased on the runways, in photo shoots and of course on her clients that visit her within her salon. Her extensive training across multiple areas of the hair industry allows her to offer a diverse perspective on a variety of techniques. I started doing hair at the tender age of ten, but I received my professional in from Gill Tech Academy of Hair De.

I remember the moment that I decided I wanted to be a stylist. to that thought, I wanted to be an attorney so I could wear those really cute professional suites they wear in court on the movies. The stylist who took care of me was so trendy and the environment was so fun. I put two and two together and realized that I only wanted to be an attorney for the clothes and I knew right then I wanted to be a stylist and work in the fashion industry. I wanted Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin make people feel how I did that day: give them that grin after great haircut and style be the one making their day that much better.

On top of that I wanted a profession where I could acquire a personal style that made me unique, work in an environment that made me happy and use my hands to creative fashion. If only I could find that stylist I meant at 9 and thank her for that beautiful experience that has made my life so fulfilling! The classic vintage Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell hairstyle will never go out of style. Her style became the basis of what we regard as glamour and stardom to this day. This hair style is much more elegant and more glamorous than straighter hair styles and not so surprisingly.

The circle of life shows forth once again. I remember when she was dying her hair blue and pink and rocking braces in the 90,s. I would copy every hair color and drive my parents NUTS! She has never followed a trend and continues to push boundaries with fashion and style.

I thought it would always be just a hobby. After learning more about the industry, I knew that making it into a career was the right path for me. Ashley Benson! She can pull off all different shades of blonde and no matter what it looks amazing. I always knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist, starting back in when my best friend and I would switch up each-others hair weekly! I chose a career in the beauty industry because it is constantly growing and changing with new trends, styles, and concepts.

I am a very companionable, extraordinary, and opened minded person who likes to express their individuality. I started Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin hair at a young age of twelve years old. I often feel I was brought into this world to make a change, and this industry was my perfect match. Making people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin is my main goal.

Seeing a smile on your clients face after working your magic on them is the most rewarding feeling, aside from making personal connections as well. My celebrity hair icon would have to be Hayley Williams from Paramore! I am bilingual and my aspirations are high! The fashion industry all over the world has always intrigued me and been a passion of mine.

As a thriving creative, I thank all of my clients in advance for choosing me as your stylist!

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After high school It was clear to me the next best thing to do was jump right into cosmetology school. I attended the year then, graduated as a d cosmetologist September 20th, Although the learning is never ending in my industry, everyday there is something new to be attained. Anything fashion and trendy has always been a passion of mine. Most importantly being able to help those who sit in my chair build confidence, and feel beautiful from the inside and out is what sparked my interest in being a stylist. My goal is to live by my name, spoilhersilly, and make everyone feel spoiled and pampered every time they come and see me.

The slicked back low bun is my all time favorite hair do. I also love how you can throw on a pair of boxy shades and this look screams Boss Lady! You will catch me with this hair do often on my lazy days but still ready to conquer the world! Nikita effortlessly plays off all hair cuts, colors, and textures with such confidence, my dragon tattoo is partially inspired by her! I've been a professional stylist for over 3 years. I really started experimenting before that and thats where it all began!

I started doing hair around the age of My mom has been doing hair my whole life many years before me, its just been in my blood basically. Shes always been switching her hair up.

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I started doing hair as early as 12 years old but gained formal education at Harry S Truman college and received licensure as of in Illinois. I then shortly moved to Wisconsin and continued my education at Moraine park technical college and shortly after obtaining my for the state in which I practice most. Growing up with two older sisters I was inspired by their many cool hairstyles.

The only issue I ran into was they never wanted to take the time to do my hair. I had a dilemma so I figured out how to do my own. Eventually I moved on to styling the hair of other people and I never wanted to stop. I fell in love with the big Farah Fawsett look. Something about those beautiful waves and slowly locks. I remember wearing my hair in a similar fashion and I just knew I was hot stuff. The other style I love is the finger wave everything about the sleekness of the style what a timeless look.

She is the definition of beauty. I love how she wears so many different styles.

Hottest blonde in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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