How do i know i like someone quiz

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Please leave empty:. He's too mean to be my friend. I consider him my friend, but I don't know if he considers me his. Comments Change color.

Bruh If u see his reaction is kinda like ew then I would say something like you just needs Ed closure to get over it and you are ready to move on. TheTrueWarriror I like him only as a friend. I have been spending more time with him and now we even have our own inside jokes! He wants me to go to the same junior college that he is applying for and has been giving me tuition for it whenever he can. A person I have loved him for 6 years and he has never showed me much interest.

He's always tore me down,but I still was stupidly falling for him. Our families are very close to the point where I see him at least once a week ; as soon as I finally get over him he starts being flirty and now this quiz is telling me I still like him but not love him and I'm so confused someone help me bc I think I'm gonna cry because I want to get over him but I just can't. He means so much to me but he doesn't know that. I want to tell him everything but I'm scared If undefined I do it will ruin our friendship and my relationship with his family that I love so dearly.

Should I tell him about all of this or keep the burning secret for longer? I got butterflies I think this guy is really attractive and funny and outgoing etc. I've known him for like almost 2 years. But I also think his brother is really attractive too and he is funny sweet and more the quite type. Idk which I like more tho.

Help plz. Noo i really like him like a lot, in some questions geres no exact amswer that i could reply so this result i got is wronge i like him a lot i think aboutbhim all the time and yeah its been a year, i still like him and heis only mine UwU Lol idk if heis mine i wish he could be Hi Me I feel so sad.

I like this guy, but then one day i was going home with my gang of friends behind him. Next day it was really awkward in the queue as we were right next to each other by height. We used to talk all the time and he usually teased me. I liked it but now we are like strangers. I think he still likes me though, every time I look back because he is at the back of the class his gaze wanders a bit before coming to meet mine and I quickly look away.

Sometimes he still talks to me and he also answers when I talk to him. Any body can help me? Hihihi I really really like him. It physically hurts to think of being away from him for a long time. Everyone thinks we'd be a good couple and that he looks at me in a certain way. I guess that now I'm looking, he does. He looks at me like I'm really special and he's so nice. He's said to his friend that hesitant really like me, but whenever we gossip he always puts me in the top 3 girls he would go out with in our ckass. He always says the others are just good lookining, so I guess I'm the nicest?

I don't know what to do! KeBa OddGryffin How does your friend treat you? How does his brother treat you? Are they both nice, or one mean and one nice? KeBa - Yeah, it might be.

Thank you! So, I go to martial arts lol. Me and this guy are like, a degree apart and before covid times we were really close as friends. I catch him staring at me sometimes, but I never want to make direct eye contact so I just ignore it. I have a crush on him, yes He also sometimes invites me to conversations. My sister who also goes to martial arts was sitting in between me and him and started taunting me, the normal stuff. Do you think he likes me as well? Delete this comment Cancel.

How do i know i like someone quiz

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