How to forget an ex girlfriend

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Many men face the problem of getting over their ex-girlfriend who cheated on them or dumped them. Men are more prone to being shocked. The greater the shock of the loss, the longer it takes to recover. So how to forget your ex-girlfriend completely? So much so that you just do not care anymore? It is hard to get over an ex you still love. Most men go straight into the denial zone where they avoid their feelings and straight away move on.

The pain of the heartbreak will still remain and will also affect the next relationship you get into. Here are 15 tips that will help you forget your ex-girlfriend who dumped you. After breaking up, women have the habit of friend-zoning their ex-boyfriend. No matter how big a role she played in your life, it is better to rip the bandage off once and for all rather than hurting yourself by being around her. Do not agree to be friends with your ex.

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After break ups, you tend to revisit past memories and think about your relationship. You even tend to go to ificant places and remember the moments that you and your ex-girlfriend had in those places. Avoid going to such places as they will just remind you of her and the time you spent there. If you want to forget your ex-girlfriend, you need to stop going down the memory lane. If you want to forget your ex-girlfriend completely then you need to stay away from the triggers that remind you of your ex-girlfriend who cheated on you or dumped you.

Identify those triggers and stay away from them. It will only make it more difficult to move on. Go for a social media detox, which here means blocking her or at least resisting the urge of visiting her profile. Visiting her profile might make you miss her less but that will only be for the time being. In the long-term, all you will become is a crazy stalker.

Avoid the urge to visit her social media profile and hit the delete button when it comes to her profile. Stalking your ex is simply a bad idea if you want to forget your ex-girlfriend completely. If you have a girl best friend, there are chances that she will bring the girl up to make you talk about your feelings. Ask your friends not to talk about her. To get your ex-girlfriend out of your mind, and refrain from thinking about her, you need to occupy your mind with something else or in this case, someone else.

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This is about distracting your mind from wandering towards your ex. Follow some new celebrity or influencer on social media and develop a new crush. Crushing on celebrities is harmless and at the same time helps you take your mind off your ex. Mostly after breakups, men start to play those kinds of songs which only make them think about their relationship and breakup even more. If you want to listen to breakup songslisten to songs that lighten the mood instead of those that push you down towards the heartbreak zone. After breakups, people usually prefer to be left alone.

Go out with your friend or spend some time with your siblings. You need not talk to them about your relationship. Do fun things with them. It will help in forgetting your ex and focusing your time on people that actually matter. Talking to your ex will just make things more complicated. Once you call your ex, you will feel like calling her again and again until she pushes you away forever. Your friends too will have many questions about your breakup and these questions will just keep coming up at awkward timings.

It is better to clear the air once and for all. Explain the entire story to your friends and clarify all their doubts once and for all. This will prevent the topic from coming up in future and you will also feel lighter once you get it out of your system.

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Related reading: Breakup healing process. One of the small steps that you can take is to keep yourself busy. Once your mind is occupied in other things, it will help take your ex-girlfriend off your mind. After all, ask yourself, do you want to drown in your sorrows or feel good about yourself again? Thinking about making your ex-girlfriend jealous or taking revenge will only show her that you are still hung on to her and are unable to move on. Doing nothing is the best option.

It is very important to get closure after your breakup. You will understand the events leading to the breakup more clearly. Spend some alone time with yourself and confront your feelings. Only you can understand how you feel and be honest with your feelings.

Own how you feel instead of running away from it. This will help you sort out your feelings and you will feel lighter. This is the time to think about yourself. Go out with your friends on trips and have new adventures. This time is all about trying new things and having new experiences. It will help you take a break from your boring and routine life and you will feel like a new person. Especially when someone you loved, dumped you for someone else or cheated on you. Most importantly, you will heal from the breakup and start focusing on yourself and your close ones more.

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15 Tips To Forget Your Ex-Girlfriend Completely