How to get your separated wife back

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You want your wife to love you again, and there are steps you can take to make this happen. Your wife might have expressed she has no feelings for you and no longer wants to be with you. Pressure from raising children, balancing careers and household responsibilities, coping with financial problems, caring for aging parents, and dealing with numerous other issues can complicate what was once a fun and loving relationship.

Both of you are probably affected, but you might react differently or cope in ways that have damaged your relationship. Many couples also have communication problems, leading to fighting, disharmony, and general irritation with each other. Maybe you have resorted to begging, making promises, or defending your position. If you continue this way of behaving, your wife might ask for more space and distance herself even more.

The key is to attract her without forcing things. Of course, there is no guarantee and, every relationship is unique.

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Though it might seem obvious, actively working on your communication skills is the 1 thing you can do to work on your marriage. Increasing intimacy and romance without expecting sex will result in your wife being more likely to be sexually interested in you again.

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Instead, intentionally touch her, show her affection, and keep things unpredictable. You might give her a massage or hug her and gaze into her eyes for a few seconds. One of the easiest ways to do this is to smile, laugh, and approach life in a more lighthearted way, too!

When you get irritated or frustrated with your wife, maintain a sense of humor and keep the big picture in mind. If you always take things too seriously, your wife may feel invalidated, criticized, or belittled. Look at the humorous side of things and let go of minor disagreements that might otherwise turn into full-blown arguments. When you team up with your wife to create mutually beneficial and enjoyable activities, you can work together to strengthen your bond.

You might have raised children, attended their events and activities, and worked hard to save for retirement. But now, you both might feel restless because you have achieved many of the things you set out to do early on. Doing new things together can revive the spark you have lost. Dine at a new restaurant or plan a trip to another country.

In short, be a man. Instead of expecting your wife to think, feel, behave, and act like a man, allow her to be feminine. When your wife feels feminine in response to your masculinity, she will feel attracted to you in a deep, primal, and fundamental way. Make every attempt to understand what your wife wants, why she wants it, and why it makes sense for her.

Focus on what you want when she asks you. Remember to emphasize listening to her, helping her open up, and allowing her to express whatever it is she wants to share. Deep connection and friendship are essential, but draw the line when necessary. Even if resentment is pulling you down, default to understanding if you want your wife to fall back in love with you.

Choose a more compassionate and honest attitude. Your moods might even fluctuate based on how she is feeling! When you are with her, focus on her. Otherwise, get involved with other things in life that interest and challenge you. Having interests and hobbies not only keeps your mind occupied, but it gives you vitality and allows you time to make new friends and develop confidence. Your wife probably tried to fix things when she still loved you and wanted the marriage to survive. You might have disregarded her How to get your separated wife back or denied there was a problem.

Quick changes may be based only on your neediness — which comes off as desperation.

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She might think if she reconnects with you, things will go right back to being the way they were before. You might even be fearful every time you interact with her. Healing the pain and hurt is vital for rebuilding your relationship. Seek counseling if it will help you work through these issues. By choosing to do more loving actions and expressing yourself in a kind manneryour wife will feel loved. Your wife has her own identity, interests, needs, talents, abilities, and hobbies. Some of them might be qualities that made you fall in love with her!

Offer to help with a few practical things. If you do a few helpful things without expecting anything in return, it demonstrates to her your unconditional love and care. She might require quiet time to calm down and heal — before she can fall back in love with you.

Do I care? Be willing to back off and give her the gift of time, space, and privacy.

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After reading the above suggestions, you might feel like winning your wife back will require a lot of work. And it will, but here is a simplified list of what your wife wants. Every woman is different, of course, and your wife might not require everything on this list.

Keep these six points in mind. Marriage is a partnershipand your wife is NOT solely responsible for raising your children, maintaining the household, and running the show! If you make a list of everything your wife does for you, your children, and your household, you might be shocked at how long the list is!

Take time to appreciate all she does. Let your wife know her opinions are valued, and carefully consider her feedback and advice. Instead of jumping in to offer solutions, encourage your wife to talk through her problems with you.

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You might expect your wife to be your cheerleader, but do you support her in return? Share her burdens, provide support, and genuinely show caring about her health and well-being.

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She wants the security that you are fully committed to her and your marriage. She will be happy when she knows you will never lie or disappoint her. Angela Doel. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you miss feeling wanted by your wife? Has she told you she is no longer in love with you? Table of Contents. Good communication skills are the key to a successful relationship. No matter how stressful things get, never lose your sense of humor.

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Chivalry is part of masculinity — always be a gentleman. If your wife wants more family time, make an effort to participate in the activities that your wife and kids enjoy. Focus on reconnecting first. A marriage coach will teach you what changes need to be made to rekindle your relationship. If you want to rebuild your marriage and bring the passion, connection, love, and excitement back, commit to the suggestions in this article.

Angela Doel Angela M. Doel has researched and written about mental health problems that impact relationships, such as navigating divorce, rebuilding relationships, enhancing communication, and overcoming sex addiction.

How to get your separated wife back

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The 3+1 Separation Strategy to Get Your Wife Back