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Have you just created your first podcast?

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Is it recordedpieced together and ready to be shared with the entire world? Now comes the big question. How do I host and broadcast my podcast?

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But how do you find your way in this jungle? Hosting your podcast on Archive. The site provides free hosting for your files and, in exchange, you allow them to be accessed by everyone.

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Hosting your podcast with Google Drive : Google Drive can be the perfect choice for hosting your podcast. The rest is just as simple: create a new folder and drop in your MP3 file. Also remember to turn on the share settings so that everyone can download and listen to your podcast. In the long run, other alternatives may be better. You may need to turn to paid platforms specialized in podcast hosting, a method favored by many podcasters. Hosting your podcast on Ausha: The other solution is to use a specialized servicelike our podcast hosting platform, Ausha. The process will be simpler and more comfortable.

Indeed, an interface like ours is deed to allow you to easily send your audio files. Beyond its simplicity, using a hosting service like this ensures greater security. Backups are provided in case of problems. The other great feature of this type of platform is the ability to obtain statistics on your podcast of listens within a certain timeframe, geolocation of your listeners, etc.

Hosting your podcast on a web server: The most technical solution is to host your podcast by renting a web server. Many platforms and apps exist for broadcasting your podcast. You can choose to be everywhere or only on the ones you deem most relevant to your content.

Some services will add your podcast to their catalog automatically while others will require action on your part. It takes about three days for your podcast to show up in the Apple library. Applications where you only need to supply your RSS feed :. Platforms that automatically retrieve your feed from iTunes :. If you have any questions, you can at [ protected]and if you want to put your podcast on Aushayou can register here. Solutions Independents I host you just show up Agencies Monetization. How to host your podcast and share it. Partager sur Twitter icon Facebook icon LinkedIn icon.

Hosting your podcast for free In Mac Gyver mode. Paid hosting solutions In Rambo mode. Where to broadcast your podcast? Related Stories. Dressing up your podcast.

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