International busking day 2017

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You can see a wide range of performances at the Auckland International Buskers Festival. This awesome four day event is a highlight of the annual Auckland events calendar and one that we recommend getting down to if you are in Auckland over the last weekend of the month from the January.

Whether you want to see acrobats and jugglers, contortionists and hula hoop artists, comedians and more — Auckland is the place to be! The festival is held on Auckland Waterfront area and Lower Queen Street which helps to create an awesome atmosphere.

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If you want to stay in the heart of the action, the Hotel Grand Windsor is the perfect destination to base yourself for the long weekend. You can check out all the festival locations on the map below:. When the hat comes to you, simply decide how much you enjoyed the performance and donate whatever you want into the hat.

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The crowds are always wowed at the Festival. The best thing to do is empty your piggy bank, swear jar or down the sides of the sofa and fill your pockets with change. The more shows you go to, the more you will get out of the festival so give generously and think how much you might pay for a similar show in a theatre of circus.

Here are some of the top performers:.

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For a full list of performers, please visit the Auckland International Buskers Festival website. You can also find the full schedule on the site which is expected to be published in mid-January. Keep me up to date with news and promotions.

International busking day 2017

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