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Irish American dating site? September 10, AM Subscribe My 78 year old widowed sister in law is very lonely and wants to meet a man but he has to be Irish or Irish American only.

Is it possible to restrict nationality on dating sites? I know this is touchy territory.

I've tried the dating sites in Ireland but they restrict them to the Ould Sod only - no other country can register. Where is she? Especially given the age profile she may have more success with Irish-American community organisations, of which there are many.

She can use a regular dating site and specify that she prefers an Irish or Irish-American man, and ignore all other responders. Some dating sites allow you to search for terms like "Irish" as well. On OKCupid one can search by languages spoken, and they include "Irish" in the dropdown list, though obviously this is not a perfect fit. A search for straight men ages who fit this criterion and have been online in the past month brought up maybe 40 matches, most of whom were in the US. Response by poster: Thanks for the advice.

She is in California. Does it have to be a dating site?

I wonder if she might have more luck finding real-world social groups for people of Irish ancestry? If Christianity in her dating is okay, Catholic parishes in her area may facilitate senior dating Or at least senior social hours where she can meet people to date. Find out which ones were very Irish 40 years ago; lots of Irish widowers will still be at that parish. If it's named St. Patrick's or St. Bridget's, that's a good guess for a starting point.

Response by poster: Thanks everyone for helpful hints. She's met 3 from "First Met" - none Irish, however. We'll see how that goes. What kinds of pot use are healthy, appropriate Newer ยป. This thread is closed to new comments.

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Irish american dating sites

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