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The arrests come four months after a similar sting netted 22 people on suspicion of soliciting sex with children, including a senior bank executive and a candidate for the U. For those targeting our innocent children however, Genesee County is no field of dreams, it has become their nightmare.

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This preparatory behavior has led to the loss of reputation, jobs, and freedom. He said felony charges have been filed in the latest round of arrests, and a total of 48 arrests have been made by GHOST in the last four months.

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In the June arrests, among the suspects the sheriff singled out were: John Barrows, 71, a Flint financial adviser, who Pickell said was "well respected in the community;" Carl Spradlin, 59, a Comerica Bank senior vice president in charge of compliance; and George Huffman III, 42, a truck driver and a candidate for U. In the latest sting, Pickell highlighted the arrest of a man who dropped his year-old daughter at volleyball practice and went to meet who he thought was a year-old he was going to have sex with, but turned out to be law enforcement.

What shocks Pickell greatly, he said, is that: "During the time that they're driving to meet the or year-old girl, they say, 'Is that you Pickell? I mean, that's the perversion and the sickness, it's just overwhelming.

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More: The U. Facebook Twitter. Child sex sting nets 12 more people in Genessee County.

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