Long distance relationships problems

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This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. How do you avert an accident? At first glance, long-distance relationships seem like the lemons of love. Everyone knows they have defects by de, and only a few dare to drive them. My husband and I dated long-distance for 1. We learned that long-distance couples face many of the same challenges as couples who live near each other, but we also discovered that distance can mask the effects of some ificant relational issues. Some problems truly are just bumps in the road, like handling miscommunication or figuring out what to talk about.

Others are more serious and just as common. Long-distance couples are more likely to develop overly positive, distorted and unrealistic views of each other. While idealization is not usually intentional, its consequences can be serious.

The most effective way to combat idealization is to seek as much Christ-centered clarity as possible about your relationship. If your entire relationship has been long-distance, you may want to consider moving to the same city before you get married. We decided to do that, and those six months helped us form a more realistic idea of what life together would be like. At its best, distance makes you realize how deeply you love each other. At its worst, distance is used as a cover for deeper relationship problems.

Distance encourages the committed person to bravely hope that things will get better while allowing the less-committed person to drift away without any consequences. These people hop between cities and countries for years, with no plans for the distance to end. Being realistic means taking an honest look into the future. That book is what convinced me I wanted to move and marry my long-distance boyfriend. Jealousy, obsessiveness, and hasty decision-making are all common and serious long-distance relationship problems.

Beneath the surface, however, these behaviors are coping mechanisms for an understandably common internal problem: the fear of breaking up. This fear is dangerous because it can lead you into abusive situations. But even if your relationship remains relatively healthy, Long distance relationships problems fear is concerning for another reason.

An aggravated fear of losing your boyfriend ifies that either your sense of meaning, your source of love, or your hopes for the future revolve around a person.

We are not deed to find purpose within the ephemeral containers of self, lover or career. As we pour our souls into temporal joys, we are craving and crying out for a meaning that is infinite and everlasting. The only one who can satisfy those desires is Jesus Christand the only real solution for the fear of losing your boyfriend is surrendering control to Him. Why do you expect yourself to know everything about your relationship? Seek the advice and empathy of friends and family who care about you, and ultimately, rest in the near, never-ending love of God.

Get tips for surviving long-distance dating.

Topics Mentoring About Menu. The Deception of Distance. By Ruby Petersen. January 18, What's the biggest challenge in your long-distance relationship right now? Missing each other. Keeping Christ at the center. Pursuing sexual purity. Follow datingatadistance for Christ-centered encouragement for your long-distance relationship. Open Instagram. Read Next ยป. Instagram Facebook-f Pinterest. About Privacy Policy Etsy Shop. My heart hurts for you. Distance is tough. Address. I want to learn more first. We all struggle with this.

You're not alone.

Long distance relationships problems

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What can you do to make your Long Distance Relationship work?