Love picture messages for girlfriend in hindi

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Someone has told the truth!! It is not necessary that when two people make love, stay together! Uff Kitna Maza Aata Hai! Emotion of the whole world aside That first meeting with you aside!! We still remember that first meeting today!! Always take the time to remember this in your relationship!

Taj Mahal has seen Mumtaz not for the world!! Embracing your loved one a few moments!! Millennials feel relieved!! Tum Yu Hi Muskurate Raho!! Life is long, keep making friends!! Keep on shaking hands while you meet!! Love is not found You just keep smiling!!

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We are far from you because of the corona virus!! Do not understand this, I do not miss you!! I missed you yesterday too!! I still miss you!! Heart wants to drown in your eyes!! Your heart wants to be ruined on the wafa!! Somebody should help us, we are stepping away!!

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Heart wants to die in your love!! Neither the desire of the moon nor the request of the stars!! You are with me every moment, this is my wish!! Make a promise to us, we will not make you cry!! Whatever the circumstances, we will never forget you!! We will hide you in my eyes!! And then you will not show anyone!! What is the benefit of drinking jam on jam!! In the evening PK will come down in the morning!!

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Just look at my love for my love! All your life will be drunk. Sochte Hai Aapse Kya Maange!! God just wants you to be happy!! My prayers are in prayers. Think what you want! Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry!! Sometimes you wake up from sleep!! But whenever I remember you by heart!! So you really give a moment of our life. This look spoke to that eye!! Remained silent but still talking!! When I found Fiza of love happy!! So both eyes rained down crying!! You break the promise you have eaten!!

Sometimes what is wrong to remember!! You have created a place in your heart!!

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Seeing you where it looks colorful!! Where does your heart rest? You are my heartbeat!! It looks useless without you!! Aapko Hum Bhulaaye Bhi Kaise!! Your shadow is in our hearts!! Your memories are in our eyes!! How can we forget you too!! Your love is in our breath!! Love makes everyone learn to live!! Lets learn to die in the name of Wafa!! Zalim teaches to bear every pain!! Do not want Gulfam, no salute!! Love is just a message!!

And whom our senses can drink and fly away! Our Lajjo needs such a jam!! Know when you will express love!! Know when you will love us!! These nights are passing by in your memory!! Know when you too will be waiting for us!! When someday you remember someone!! And the cold air rubs your hair!!

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So close your eyes and sleep!! And secretly we come to your dream!! Flowers are blossoming. In such a season, love accumulates!! The words of the heart do not say to lips This decision is made out of eyes!! Do not want to cry in your memories anymore!! We get every moment with you!! You are my life, you are my dream, you are the only simplicity you realize!!

Yes, I want to keep saying this, you are my vow, you are my life!! Flowers blossom when they bloom outside!

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And when love is young!! So two hearts get together, love is also very strange! Words are full of eyes, and lips are sewn up!! Meet the sorrow, they may know the truth really!! Love is the name of living, love is notoriously bad! Once you fall in love, look, love is the name of every pain! Top 10 Hindi Love Shayari Girlfriend. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Love picture messages for girlfriend in hindi

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