Love raps to my girlfriend

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A lot. These are our picks for 10 hip hop love songs that are surprisingly romantic AF. Straight outta Peru, A. CHAL is bound to win your heart through your headphones or AirPods if you're one of those people now. You just can't resist an artist with a voice sweeter than syrup, and this guy's got it.

Notable Lovey Dovey Lyrics:. I am not an avid fan of Ed Sheeran but, as one YouTube commenter eloquently put it, "Stormzy and Ed go together like chocolate orange. Stormzy on his own has sufficient panty-dropping power, but the vocals that Sheeran lends take it to the next level.

And let us not forget Burna Boy, who turns this into a triple threat of audial goodness. Girl, I felt your presence when they let you through the door Never had a bruddah give you everything and more So I take a little piece and the rest of it is yours Mi amor.

Thug loving when I put you in your place I can tell you love it just by looking in your face. There's a very, very good reason this track off Ty and Jeremih's collaborative album is aptly titled "Baby Making Music. Noteable Lovey Dovey Lyrics:. He don't give you anything, diamond rings I could bring, tuh And I put you on the team, that should mean that I'm fucking you tonight bring a friend then another one.

Make decisions, I wanna play with your permission Gimme that kitty, girl, wash the dishes Now spread them legs, call it long division That pussy taste like woah, woah. If you haven't yet heard of J Hus, chances are you probably live on the opposite side of the Atlantic from the London MC.

The man "so ugly that he's sexy" is one of the UK's most invigorating artists right now and is doing his own unique Brit ting with every track he drops.

I'm her main squeeze, that's my sweet cheeks Bunda so big it can't fit in the selfie She loud and boujee, won't shut her mouth until I fuck up the coochie Most of pretty gyaldem are mouthy All up in my business she's nosy. If you love rap songs but need to spice up your regular rotation of rappers, this duo will definitely do it for you. You know I love it rare you flawless Gleaming like diamonds, stare wild'n Burn through drama in your dress like lava God bless every curve, I love all your angles.

I've already got Burna Boy on this list once but you know I had to do it to 'em again - the man adds pure value to any track he graces.

Dave was my most played artist ofand this particular track was replayed approximately 2, times. Sure, they're talking about adoring multiple females simultaneously but I never said this list was an homage to monogamy.

If you send me the location Then I'll be right there Let me come, come check you, my baby Send me the location This year 'bout vacations, flight catching, train taking Your boyfriend's on a waiting ting Look, playboy, I don't need a Carti I'm captain, I lead the army Bad ratio, I leave the party Your ex wavy, we tsunami. Just a slow beat and honest bars worthy of entrance into the pantheon of rap love songs. How would you feel if I had you? Admittedly, this one is a little iffy on the romance front considering it's a pure sex track, but sometimes pure sex is the most romantic thing somebody can get.

Inviting your partner to utilize your head like a motorcycle is pretty damn affectionate. Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?

You can ride my face until you dripping cum Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah? Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah? It may be the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere at least but this track is bound to get it heated. The British artist has been on the come up for a minute now, and him teaming up with fellow Englishman Not3s is the blessing we didn't know we needed. She don't spread it for them wasteman there Oh no, 'cause she knows that's mine Them other tings, man they don't compare She's the only one that gets my shine.

I wanna get you home and give your ting a thumping I carve the pussy up like I'm cutting pumpkin Pussy like the English channel every time I jump in splash. I can't seem to come to a solid conclusion about how I feel about this Thugger fellow. While he often tries to show off his most manly persona with rough beats and even rougher lyrics "Old English" anyone?

You got me stopping at the green light I'll set you good, I'm off a bean right And I know you want a savage to give you a ring right Sexin' on drugs, Leave a little money on the counter You remind me of Erykah Badu Thinkin' 'bout masturbating to your nudes. What To Read Next.

Love raps to my girlfriend

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The 25 Best Rap Love Songs