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For any inquiries, please : funkhaust theveilbrewing. The inventory lists below are updated Thursdays by 2p. Availability is accurate at open and is subject to change. Nice mineral character, bright juicy pear, dried lemon peel, delicate aromatics of vanilla and fresh flowers, elegant restrained funk and acid profile.

Puncheons are larger than the wine barrels we normally use for wild beer, leading to a slower maturation and more refined final product. This one aged in the puncheons for 18 months and bottle-conditioned for 9 months. Nice mineral character, bright juicy pear, dried orange peel, delicate aromatics of vanilla and fresh flowers, and an elegant restrained funk and acid profile. Awesome citrus soda character balanced with a creamy chardonnay oak vibe. Farmhouse inspired ale, made with 6-row, spelt, unmalted wheat, floral American hops, and French saison yeast fermented in freshly dumped red wine French oak barrels.

Calm fermented and aged in barrels for 9 months with a Saison yeast supplemented by special cultures. Reminiscent of Lambic with a cleaner Saison-like finish.

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Bottle conditioned for 7 months. First ever bottle collab made in November of with Oxbow Brewing Company. Farmhouse inspired ale with organic unmalted wheat from Maine and some Virginia Wildflower Honey. We pumped the wort into our koelschip and allowed it to cool naturally and inoculate with our native microflora. The wort was entirely fermented in the French oak barrels and conditioned for just shy of a year.

We then blended all of the barrels together and then bottle conditioned Concentric for approx 2 months. We love this one. Apple orchard, dry dark soil, musty oak, balanced acidity, and wonderful prickly carbonation. Closer Glimpse is a blend of 19 month and 28 month old spontaneously fermented, Lambic-inspired ale, then bottle conditioned for 9 months.

It was brewed using a traditional turbid mash process, aged leaf hops, an extended boil, then naturally cooled and inoculated in our koelschip, and barrel-fermented and aged. No yeast is ever pitched to create these batches, and we bottle condition using only the cultures present in the beer from the koelschip. Closer Glimpse is a step towards our goal of creating a Gueuze-inspired 1, 2, Love Richmond Virginia vanilla 3 year blend produced right here in Virginia.

Very complex, reminiscent of Lambic, musky fruit, cheesy hops with the perfect acid profile.

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Spontaneously fermented lambic-inspired ale blend on Virginia Merlot grapes. Every year we put away wine barrels full of Lambic-inspired beer brewed as closely to Belgian tradition as possible. It involves a complex turbid mash process of Pilsner malt and unmalted wheat, a long boil with aged whole leaf hops aged for over 5 yearsnatural cooling and inoculation in our rooftop koelschip, and barrel fermentation.

The wort is fermented only with the natural yeast and bacteria that land on it overnight while cooling.

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A portion of the beer in this blend dates back to some of our first brews ever in Culminate was blended and bottled on February 1, and conditioned only with the cultures present in the beer. We blended in two Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels of 17 month old Pallbearer for an extra layer of subtle depth and complexity. Brewed in collaboration with Hudson Valley Brewery Hot fudge sundae, sticky milk chocolate fondue, pineapple upside down cake, toasted marshmallows, melted Mounds bars, and spoons full of drippy honey. A brand new Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels for 12 months and lairdsapplejack apple brandy barrels for an additional 12 months conditioned on cacao nibs, cinnamon, Mexican whole bean coffee from blanchardscoffee, Mexican vanilla, and ancho chilis.

Dwell Batch 3 is our beloved koelschip open-fermented Lager! We pumped lager wort into our koelschip on a cold winter day, pitched yeast and allowed the beer to open ferment for 8 days. We then transferred the beer into wine barrels which we stored in our walk-in cooler for over three months of lager conditioning. Crisp like a lager with an added layer of oak and a hint of wild funk to it! Extremely quaffable with pleasant mild acidic quality, delicate white peach, grass, oak, and Asian pear.

A brand new blended wheat Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels and Laird's apple brandy barrels for 18 months respectively. This new recipe is likely to become a staple for us. The beer is inky black with an incredible depth of flavor and richness reminiscent of a fine cigar, after dinner cocktails, campfire, and dark chocolate fudge.

Big impressions of peach, musky guava, gummy candies with a pleasant tartness. Cherry lollipops, oak, delicate Love Richmond Virginia vanilla farmhouse character, some tropical pineapple and mango, amazing acidity, and prickly effervescence. Longoven: Chapter One 5. A vision from Chef Manning to make a beer for wine drinkers that paired well with seafood and other culinary dishes created by the masterminds at Longoven.

We started with a complex, yet simple malt bill of American pale malt, unmalted wheat, and a touch of rye. During the mash-in process, we added Sea Lettuce a leafy seaweed courtesy of Pleasure House Oysters one of the most focused Oyster purveyors in south eastern VA. When it came time to sparge, we laid a bed of Sea Hair a fine, hair-like seaweed on top of the grain beforehand.

After the boil was over and the addition of some German hops, we added some Sea Beans and whole Oysters. We then barrel fermented the beer in freshly dumped French oak red wine barrels with a blend of mixed culture, our house culture, and a small percentage of dry Chablis yeast. The beer fermented and conditioned in the barrels for 12 months. We then extracted the beer from the barrels and bottle conditioned it for 4 months.

The are amazing! After your second sip, the beer just completely opens up to an incredible minerality. Notes of subtle buttery oak, ripe pear, light tannic characteristics, zippy green apple acid presence similar to green apple alsohoney-suckle, Sauvignon Blanc skin, wet earthy aromas, wildflowers, with a wonderfully balanced effervescence. Mergence IV is a blend of barrel-fermented Farmhouse-inspired ales aged in red wine barrels for 15 months dry-hopped with El Dorado and Motueka hops.

Bright and zesty with notes of white grape juice. Bottle-conditioned for 23 months. Bourbon soaked raisins, rich caramel, vanilla, holiday spices, with a gentle effervescence. Fermented and conditioned in red wine French oak barrels for 12 months, then bottle conditioned for 2. Old Sun is the barrel fermented and inoculated version of our 5. Mixed Fermie brewed with raw and malted wheat, noble hops, and a mixed culture of Saison yeasts and Brett. Dry-hopped after barrel aging with Nelson Sauvin hops.

And a mixed culture of Saison yeasts and Brett. Love Richmond Virginia vanilla bright and juicy whole peach character with some stone fruit depth from the plums. Notes of sugary peach rinds, drippy plums, white wine, maybe even some crisp apple juice, all rounded out with a great acid and oak presence. Barrel fermented with a plethora of farmhouse yeast strains and Brett, then inoculated with our respective house cultures.

A refreshing and approachable Farmhouse Ale with an amazing gentle apricot and juicy over-ripe peach character. This version of Petalz was fermented and aged in Danish cherry wine barrels lending incredible impressions of cherry pie, white pepper, and orange blossom.

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Just enough oak, alcohol, and acid presence makes this one an amazing Farmhouse Ale to enjoy any time with friends or fam. Petalz: Love Richmond Virginia vanilla 5. Delicate impressions of pineapple OJ mimosa backed up by a delicious fruit-forward farmhouse yeast profile.

Petalz Orangeberry is the final variant in the Petalz series in collaboration with our friends at Jester King! A refreshing and approachable Farmhouse Ale. Spontaneously fermented collaboration beer that we brewed in late with Mikkeller. Aged in the fantastic RdV Vineyards Virginia red wine barrels for 18 months. On blending day we racked our barrels onto delicious agriberryfarm Virginia raspberries. Flanders Style Red Ale aged in red wine barrels. It was actually batch 29 at The Veil, brewed in May just after we opened. It was finally bottled in lateand has conditioned in the bottle until now.

Caramel, raisin, malt, acid, funk, very pleasant oak, and elegant acidity. It has an incredible layered flavor of cherry pie, musty funk, oak, and an elegant acidity. Hornswoggler fermented in a stainless steel fermenter. We then inoculated the barrels with a mixed culture of wild yeasts and bacteria. Vermicious Knid spent 15 months conditioning and developing complexity in the barrels. The are incredible! Vermicious Knid displays restrained and elegant tartness, a luscious full body, vinous similarities, beautiful integration of oak tannins, dry cocoa powder, ripe dark fruit, and bright zippy coffee.

Hornswoggler Chocolate Milk Stout that is fermented and aged in red wine barrels with our house mixed culture for over a year then conditioned on lots of Papa Love Richmond Virginia vanilla Guinea vanilla and Blanchard's Coffee single-origin Ethiopian Benza Kokosa whole bean coffee. Huge coffee aroma, round vanilla, blueberry-forward Ethiopian coffee, and milk chocolate cordial. Pilsner step-mashed with floor-malted barley and hopped with Saaz and Tettnang. We then spunded the tank for natural, tiny-bubble carbonation and allowed it to lager for 8 weeks. Farmhouse-inspired Ale aged in red wine barrels for 13 months then conditioned on freshly sliced whole Virginia Peaches from agriberryfarm.

Japanese Denim 4. Japanese Denim is a koji rice and yuzu juice Lager in collaboration with the incredible longovenrva. Impressions of citrus shortbread wafer cookies, kiwi, and funky sprite. This batch is awesome. Flavors of round apricot fruit leather, Capri Sun, and a handful of fresh tropical fruit.

Soft fruit gummy vibes with a hint of citrus zest and strawberry lemonade. Alpine cheese from our local cheese shop, Truckle Cheesemonger.

Love Richmond Virginia vanilla

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