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We do have premade word lists. Close FAQ's [ x ]. the matchups and use letters on the second column items recommended. Add a small line before each item If unchecked there will be no place to show the answers - so no KEY will be generated. Problems with one of our lists? Let us know which one is causing problems in the comments box below.

Subscription Features include:. SAFE: All subscriptions can be paid via Paypal or Stripe, so your sensitive banking information is never seen nor stored by our website. This option allows you to create a list offline, then copy and paste it here! The Teacher's Corner.

Match-up Worksheet Maker. Write the letter of the correct match next to each problem. Blocked: That's OK! If you are completely againstwe do have a fee supported site that contains noand also offers a few extras over our ad supported site! BEFORE puchasing anything or leaving the site, may we suggest turning off your ad blocker and make 1 worksheet just see what you're missing by trying the ad supported version - we think you'll find it is well worth it!

If not, we understand and thank you for giving us a try! Shuffle first column. Premium Subscribers can get up to lines, over 50 fonts, ability to add multiple images, create unlimited PDF's and Images of your worksheet and more. Ad Blocking: Advertising provides the crucial revenue necessary to provide free content and applications on this website. We need this revenue to continue offering our free services.

We currently have 3 options for our users: Ad blocking users: Free, 10 lines with basic customization options, no saving options Non-ad blocking users: Free, 20 lines with Matching test maker free online customization options, and basic saving features. Puzzle Problems? for solutions! Click question to see answer Where is the answer sheet? All of our worksheets have answer sheets. This happens for 2 reasons. Usually caused by any of the following: too many browser tabs open, too many apps installed or a poorly coded app installedor you just haven't rebooted the computer in a long time.

REMEDY 1: Whitelist our site in the ad blocker, refresh sometimes a full computer reboot is required and try again. If banner are not showing, you are still blocking them. You can purchase a premium subscription and no will show and you will have access to options in the blue menu. How come I can only add 10 lines? If you only have 10 lines and you see grey boxes asking you to turn off your ad blocker, you need to turn off your ad blocker to get more lines. Still having the problem after stopping your ad blocker from blocking ?

If after whitelisting and refreshing the you still can only add 10 linesyou need to restart your computer. AdBlockers cause numerous problems on our site so make sure are showing this sometimes requires computer reboot! We have 3 options for our users: a. Ad Free generally 10 lines - depends on which puzzle makerb.

Ad Supported generally 30 linesand c. This is a bug that happens on RARE occassions with certain computers. We have traced it to happening on computers that have either high resolution, or the with of the resolution of the window is more then 2x the height of your browser window. So if you get a tiny puzzle, try resizing your browser window to be more square. Be sure to let us know if this works - we Matching test maker free online replicate this issue, we just know that on the rare occasion it happens, it is because the browser window is wide and short at a ratio: width is more than 2x the height.

We are unsure if making your window more 'square' will fix or not - let us know! First reason this could happen is because you are blocking our. If this doesn't work, you may need to reboot your computer for the adblocker to stop blocking.

This usually occurs because too many tabs have been opened or a poorly coded extension is installed that leaks memory.

Crossword Problem: Only the title and instructions show up. No puzzle shows up. Usually caused by having too many tabs open or a poorly coded app is installed. If you have 'words' that are duplicates, the duplicate may or may not show up. If you only have one duplicated word and it is missing from your puzzle, try regenerating the puzzle to see if it will get included. If you have 2 duplicates, you can try regenerating, but less likely all duplicates will make it in the more duplicates you have.

This really isn't a reason, but some people will enter 20 clues and see that the puzzle only goes to the Sometimes words will share a i. Got a different problem not listed above? Not a premium subscriber? You MUST be using the same computer and browser to access ly saved lists.

If you ever delete your browser cookies, all of your saves will be lost. Be advised: our generators make a new puzzle each time you generate them. Therefore, loading a saved list will not generate a puzzle identical to one made at a time, it will only keep you from having to re-enter lists. Click to save word list to the indicated slot.

Click to load a ly saved list. Word searches and Scrambles have 1 list. Match-ups and Crosswords have 2 lists. Click to load the second list on a single list puzzle. When saving, only the title and word list s are saved, no other options will be preserved. Once saved, lists can be loaded into other puzzles! Tell us if you like this option or have problems in the feedback Matching test maker free online below.

Be sure to tell your friends about us! Save Slot Title Saved As. Slot 1: Empty Empty. Slot 2: Empty Empty. Premium Subscription : Over fonts! Install these fonts on your computer! On the first row, enter a correctly matched pair. We will do the shuffling for you Second row, enter another correctly matched pair.

Repeat for as many as you like up to Press "Generate Match-up Worksheet" button. Images not printing We have only verified that this works in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. It does NOT work in Firefox. Be sure that you have 'Print background images and colors' in your browser settings.

If your image is too large, browsers cannot open it and it will not show up. Must be the correct type of image. Only jpg, jpeg, png, and gif images are fully supported. If it is a. Firefox will not print images from your computer on a remote website without changing browser configuration files.

Therefore we do not support Firefox. Can I make a PDF and store this on my computer? Please see the "How to make a PDF" button on the generated puzzle. Although we do not make a word document for you to download, we have found that if you can highlight the entire with your mouse, then copy and paste into a new word document - it will retain the table structure and data. This may take some experimentation, but it worked for us with IE7 and Firefox. Can I put this worksheet on my website?

Can I put this worksheet in my book? Please read our Terms of Use In general, you are allowed to make copies for classroom or home use only, provided you do Matching test maker free online remove the citation on the copies.

It appears your cookies are turned off. Please give us feedback on our Worksheets! If advertisements are causing any problems, please us screenshots and browser used! Let us know! We are trying to see how many people this is affecting! What can we do to make them better?

Matching test maker free online

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