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Customers come to restaurants for food. A cook thus can make or break your restaurant. Hence, you must make sure that you hire a cook who will be competent enough to drive your restaurant to the epitome of success and leave your customers craving for more when they relish that last spoon off their plates. However, is hiring a cook for your restaurant an easy affair?

Definitely, not! It is very daunting to filter and look Need a cook inside the one who will make the ature dishes for your restaurant that will compel customers to visit again and again. Find out how to source the right cook for your restaurant kitchen here. In this article, we will walk you through the best practices to hire a cook for your restaurant. Need a cook for your restaurant? But before you hire a cook, you must first have an understanding of the requirements of your restaurant.

For this, you need to have a list of the profiles and the of positions required for each profile for the restaurant kitchen. You must also have a clear Job Description associated with each profile. In this article, will talk about the type of Chefs and Cooks that are essential in a restaurant kitchen, and the best practices to hire them.

Along with that, you should be clear about the job description of a chef before hiring one for yourself. There should be someone who will be the head of the kitchen. This is the dream position for all the chefs out there! There is just one Executive Chef for a single restaurant or a chain. He is responsible for the costing food and recipes, checking the quality, and deing the menu. He is also usually the point of contact between the restaurant owner and the kitchen.

It is the Executive Chef who brings the concerns of the kitchen, the staff, and the vendors to the owners. And if the owners have any quality issues or cost issues, they meet the head chef and solve the problem at hand. The average salary for an executive chef in India is approximately Rs 70, — Rs 75, per month, it can be more depending on the years of experience the executive cooks brings to the table. However, the salary of Executive Chefs in different format differs.

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While hiring an Executive Chef, you must ensure that they have an even temperament and must have strong strategic leadership skills. An Executive Chef encourages and maximizes the productivity of the kitchen staff, including chefs, cooks, culinary assistance, and even the dishwashers.

An Executive Chef oversees the complete delivery of food supplies in the morning, prepares unique menu items in the afternoons, and supervises the kitchen during dinner hours. Hence, the approximate work hour of an executive chef is 12 hours per day. Sous Chefs are the right hand of the Executive Chefs, and there can be multiple Sous Chefs in a restaurant. They are responsible for managing the intricacies in the kitchen. It is the Sous chef who looks into the details of each dish before they go out of the kitchen.

Hence, micromanagement is not the only area where a sous chef must give heed to. Sous Chefs are the middleman between the head chef and the other kitchen staff. The average Sous Chef salary in India is approximately Rsper month. This Need a cook inside one of those which requires a specialization. For example, a person who passed out from a culinary school might not be eligible to be a Pastry Cook, on the contrary, one has to acquire specialized training from a baking school to be a Pastry Chef.

This category generally deals with pastries, bread, and desserts. Need a cook inside Chefs has the potential of being entirely on par with the Executive Chef because they deal with a different category altogether. The average pay for a Pastry Chef is approximately Rs 5,00, annually.

However, it must be mentioned that generally, this category of Chef is hired in 5-star restaurants only. Many times lounge and bars outsource their desserts. Since dessert needs a cool place, they need a Speciality Chef; the dessert sales are not very high in restaurants. They are responsible for one area of the kitchen, and they must take care of the quantity and quality of each item that passes or comes out of that specific area.

For example, a Station Chef might be responsible for the grills, the toppings, or the sal, and depending on this, one will be responsible for that particular station. The salary of the Station chef varies from cuisine to cuisine. However, all of them are paid equally irrespective of the cuisine. The average salary for the Station Chef is Rs 25, — Rs. In small outlets where separate cooks are not hired for pastry, butchery, fish, vegetables, and so on, it is the Station Chef that carries on with these operations.

You, as a restaurant owner, cannot doubt the importance of sauces that can make or break your dishes. Hence, you must hire a Saucier cook who is just responsible for all the sauces that are prepared in the restaurant kitchen.

Their job is to ensure the right consistency and mixing of the ingredients. Sauciers are also required in large chain restaurants and hotels. Fish cooks are those who deal primarily with the preparations of all seafood. Meat cooks take care of all the meat dishes and their preparations. They do it all, from roasting and braising to broiling and grilling. Butchery chefs are also usually only in 5-star hotels because they tend to manage it themselves. When it comes to standalone restaurants, there is hardly any space inside the kitchen because the rentals are very high, and there is an immense space crunch.

You may or may not have these cooks in your kitchen. Their need depends on the type of cuisine your restaurant deals with. For example, if fries are one of the first things that your restaurant deals with, then you can try hiring a fry cook, who will take care of the frying station in your kitchen.

This, too, is a category that is only available in the 5-star hotels. Standalone restaurants do not generally hire a pantry chef. Here the head chefs are the ones who manage the work of the pantry chef. A pantry chef takes care of the quality and quantity of the pantry items. Pantry items range from seafood, sausages, dressing ingredients are just a few to name. A line cook is one who takes care of all the work in the kitchen where work needs to be done.

This position has a lot of potential for growth because a line cook might chop meat and vegetables one day while garnishes dish the other day. Hence, there is a lot of potential for progress for a line cook. An expediter is generally the bridge between the kitchen staff and the wait staff. They are responsible for delivering the prepared food to the customers either themselves or via a waiter. However, Need a cook inside times when the food presentation is tricky, the Executive Chefs themselves take up this job.

Now that you are aware of the various cooks that might be required in your kitchen, recruiting them should be your primary concern. While hiring a cook, the main key points that you must never ignore are listed below. Follow these while hiring and make the operation of your restaurant kitchen seamless. The restaurant kitchen is entirely equivalent to a pressure cooker.

It is a place where everything is happening simultaneously at top speed, so one needs to be on their toes every second. Hence you need people who have an even temperament and can work during the rush time with patience. For example, there may be days when the fish gets burnt, or the kitchen runs out of stock, in such a situation you need someone who will be calm and composed and will quickly think of a crisis management technique. As already said that in a kitchen, things could go out of hand at any moment, hence you must hire a cook who is willing to take ownership of their work and can drive the ones working under him in the right direction.

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Hire chefs who are excellent teachers and are well versed in all the kitchen equipment and can train the new hires and molds them to be the future leaders of the kitchen. You must always hire the ones who have a detailed eye towards the quality of the food that goes on the table. No matter how much time goes for preparing a dish, if it not up to the mark, it should not be presented to the customers. You must remember that despite having a fantastic ambiance and customer service, if your food is not up to the mark, it can be a huge turn off for your guests.

Your cooks must know that your restaurant has a budget, and you cannot spend out of your league. There comes the importance of their being well advance with all the technological innovations. They must be well versed with excel sheets, Google sheets, and Microsoft Word, and this will help the chefs to keep track of cost recipes and check menu profits. This will help in the cost controlling techniques of the restaurant.

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Hence, they must be well versed in the interests of the customers so that they may make all the desired changes in the menu. In addition to this, they must have a detailed record of the stocks available in the inventory. They do not at any point in time over order or run out of stock. Time management is a skill that is exceptionally important to have in all the chefs working in your kitchen.

They must have the ability to distribute their time behind each dish, and this will ensure that your customers are not kept without food on the table. In addition to this, the executive chefs and the pastry chefs must extract sometime out of their schedule to analyze the market and incorporate a few innovative items on the menu.

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Before you go ahead and hire a cook for your restaurant, make sure that you taste their food. Once you taste their food, you will have a clear understanding of how much time he takes to make a dish, the consistency of the dish, how he presents the dish and maintains the kitchen. Do not hire a cook without cross-checking their references. Here you will receive an unadulterated opinion about how you the person worked in his job, whether he worked in the team well, why he left his last job. Such information will help you to receive an insight into the Cook you are planning to hire.

Need a cook inside

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