Nursing students dating doctors

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Given the long hours spent on the job, sooner or later there is bound to be a love interest. Depending upon your point of view, this may be a benefit or a pitfall of the job. In any case, if you are a nurse interested in dating co-workers, including physicians, there are certain rules of the road you should be aware of. This is especially sticky. A fine line is whether the patient was actually your patient or on your unit.

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Before dating a present or past patient it seems wise to carefully read the board of ethics policy, regulations in your state of practice, and become familiar with the regulations of the healthcare facility in which you practice. This is a complex situation.

Will you still be able to work with that person? Will you still be able to collaborate on the care of patients?

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This is by no means a list of insults levied against physicians. It all comes back to the ethics of the situation. That, and common sense have to be your guide.

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However, no matter how you look at it things are certainly better than they were in Dating a Patient This is especially sticky. How long ago was the nurse-patient relationship? Was the care provided extensive? A one-day stay in the hospital is different than a two-week stay. Dating a Doctor This is a complex situation. Crazy schedules: If you date someone who is an intern or resident they have crazy schedules and work most of the time.

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That is not conducive to a solid relationship or a steady dating schedule. Gossip: Now you become the subject of workplace gossip. Are they together? Where did they go? Did they spend last night together? It also could harm your career.

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If you like picnics in the park and cooking at home you may be ok. Special occasions: If you like lots of personal attention you may not get it from a physician who is beginning his or her career. Schedules are set in stone and are not up to negotiating because it is your birthday or anniversary. Coping with Death as a Nurse.

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The History of White Nurse Uniforms. Deborah Chiaravalloti is an award-winning writer and former hospital executive.

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Her insider experience helps healthcare clients launch medical procedures, products including artificial intelligence software and knowledge sharing platforms. Deborah writes websites, blogs, opinion pieces, and marketing strategy for elder care, health care consumerism, revenue cycle management RCMand the business of healthcare. Her printed pieces have been published and her radio shows syndicated nationally. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy.

Nursing students dating doctors

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Can a Nurse Date a Doctor? or Marry a Doctor?