Olympians hook up app

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During the last several Olympic Games, a ton of people have used dating apps in Olympic Villagethe college campus-type area that houses the athletes. And to prepare for all the sex that may be had, free condoms were distributed, too.

Regarding the Olympics in Sochi, Dr. She attended several Olympic Games, as well as toured the Olympic Villages. There is stress, which causes tension, and anxiety and energy, and a massive outpouring of chemicals in the body — adrenaline and endorphins. As far as the dating apps themselves are concerned, Olympic athletes have talked about their popularity, too.

There are some cuties on there.

However, people do not seem to be deleting their apps in PyeongChang. Overall, so far, it has increased by percent, including a percent increase in swipe volume, a percent increase in right swipes, and a percent increase in matches leading up to the event.

Is anyone surprised? According to a Tinder spokesperson, there has been a 1, percent increase in Tinder users who are Passporting to the Olympic Villages. Meaning, if someone is using Tinder outside of PyeongChang, like in Chicago, they can change their location on the app and swipe and match with people at the Olympics, athletes included — but to use the Passport feature, you need Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

Speaking of which So if you want to match with an Olympic athlete from home, now is your chance — just make sure you have Tinder Gold, too. Every day, each Happn user in Rio crossed paths with around other Happn users, which was a seven percent increase compared to a usual day in the city. Percentage-wise in Rio, of the Happn users crossing paths with approximately other Happn users, 10 percent of active users were non-Brazilians, and cross-cultural crushes aka when two users both like each other represented 11 percent in total. As for who used Happn most during the Olympics in Rio, Brazilians came in first place, followed by Americans, Argentinians, Brits, and the French.

Our users are encouraged to meet quickly in real life thanks to our See You There feature, which allows you to put what you are up to go for a drink, go for a walk, ready to party… on your profile.

Bumble is the app where women make the first move in heterosexual matches and have 24 hours to message their match; in same-sex pairings, either person can message within the 24 hours. PlentyOfFish POFone of the few dating apps where you can use a username instead of linking to your Facebook profile, i. They found that 44 percent of singles watched the Olympics because the athletes are sexy — 51 percent of single men and 32 percent of single women.

In the same POF survey in of more than singles in the U. As you can see, Olympics after Olympics, dating app usage seems to increase at Olympic Village during the games, which makes complete sense. As long as they go for the gold first, medal-wise, then they can go for the gold, match-wise, too.

By Natalia Lusinski.

Olympians hook up app

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Olympics of dating: Tinder says usage is skyrocketing in Rio