Shocktech hookup series autococker

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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Old autococker identification. Advanced Search. Old autococker identification. This gun has a non-threaded ivg, started life as a full size vert feed and was cut down to a mini. The pnuematics, bolt, reg, and bottom line are easy to id. What kind of frontblock has the integrated 15 degree?

Besides who made it can anyone hazard a guess as to its worth?

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If this is the wrong spot for this type of post just let me know and I won't do it again. Reply With Quote. Body sure looks like a Shocktech. Not sure what year, but I recognize the top tube milling. I think I've got a Benchmark frame that looks similar - no milling label or anything. Also, I don't think we really care THAT much about where the thread is located with such a small user-base, but I would have put it in "Ask the Techs". It's a shocktech hookups series gun The 45 degree mini cocker front block is pretty normal as well.

The frame is probably a benchmark like what was stated earlier. It's definitely a shocktech trigger in the frame as well. I'd be curious to see if it has a shocktech roller sear in it and what the gun internals are. Did they make the hookup series before ivg's were factory threaded? This weekend I'll try to take pictures of the guts for the curious. Destroyer of Thre. Hookups were pre 2k cockers and one of their first offered as a line I think.

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I have a body in a box I dont remember if it's threaded for an ivg or not though. Quick Paintball News! Open Community Forums Paintball News! All times are GMT The time now is PM.

Shocktech hookup series autococker

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