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Songkick to track Tech N9ne and get concert alerts when they play near you. Be the first to know when they tour near Helsinki, Finland. View all upcoming concerts Tech N9ne born 8 November — aka Aaron Dontez Yates — is rapper hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, US and has made a name for himself Tech n9ne az the hip hop genre due to his adept rhythmic vocal presentation. Tech N9ne turned to music at an early age and first began to rap as a young child as a way to remember how to spell his name. After Black Mafia disbanded he ed the group Nnutthowze, but soon moved onto the group The Regime inwhich was created by the rapper Yukmouth.

Later that year Tech N9ne formed his own record label Strange Music. The soundtrack was a success due to rappers like 2Pac and Ice Cube contributing to the album, and the soundtrack ended up reaching the No. The album was a great commercial and critical success, and reached No. Tech N9ne has also started a series of albums called Collabos, which features collaborations with unique artists. Tech N9ne is persistent with his touring schedule and has shared the bill with artists like Freddie Gibbs, Krizz Kaliko, and Jarren Benton. He has also played diverse festivals such as the Rock the Bells festival and the Gathering of the Juggalos festival.

Tech n9ne az N9ne has gained the status as a prominent rapper due to his diverse influences of music as well as his rhythmic abilities that display a compelling sense of speed and flow. He plays the hits. And fun. Or when they do play them, they feel really truncated. Like a teaser. Tech finds a way to not only play his collaboration songs, but the songs feel complete.

Its works. Show was tight. Doors opened at 6, got there at Saw the Dizzy Wright who was very good, then a 20 minute wait for Tech. Show didn't come to San Francisco?? Very good show, definitely worth it. Report as inappropriate. Aaron Dontez Yates is best known by his stage persona of Tech N9ne. The Missouri born rapper is known for performing huge live shows and great interaction with audiences.

He has a huge amount of work to choose from when creating set lists, the rapper has released fourteen album and a whole host of EPs since the debut 'The Calm Before The Storm' in Finding commerciality with singles such as 'Show Me A God' and 'Worldwide Choppers', these of course make the list and cause the audience to jump and dance enthusiastically as Yates encourages them to give more and more energy. Although he performs almost every track with this level of passion so the crowd support him throughout, running between the stage and the audience, the energy levels stay high throughout.

An encore of 'Fragile' and 'Stamina' satisfy the masses and leave them dancing to the very last beat. I saw Tech N9ne in saint louis at the nt!! It was amazing - what all the fans have been waiting for. The crowd was already on their feet, anticipating Tech N9ne to come out. And when he storms onto stage the crowd went crazy. The majority of the audience have seen Tech N9ne in concert before, but for those who have never seen him in action, it was worth the wait. He came out sporting his usual face paint. He put on an excellent, high energy show for the die-hard fans who have been waiting almost over three hours for his set.

All in all, despite the Tech n9ne az show being over three hours, it was still an amazing show all together. His wardrobe changes were amazing!! I can't wait to see hime again! I listen to many types of music and love them all. Then that day come i try to get to all TECH shows in dever.

This was my 16th Tech N9ne Show and the small venue made it more intimate and by far one of the best. He brings amazing visuals and special effects to the large venues on top of his amazing stage show and accurate chopping speed raps to the larger clubs but to be a part of a sold out small venue filled with fans dancing and singing along with every song is equally an amazing experience.

No one does it like him. The Tech N9ne show was pretty ill, as every show he throws is. All jam packed close to the stage, he came off the stage and went pack to the seating are and was speaking of how he loved his technicians and how he was on the Forbes list and show Tech n9ne az Legit!!! A must see show is any show that Tech N9ne is going to preform at!!! I didn't have the money but had on red hat, red long sleeved shirt, red tie, red socks and new red converse I pray he comes back through Omaha!!!!!

I was at Tech's first ever show in Moscow Russia on February 15th, The performance itself was great. High energy. Good interaction with the audience. The only downer was that they started about 45 minutes late and played for about an hour and minutes. They said the venue was kicking them off. They didn't seem opposed to finishing though. Some people even paid more for early admission. I feel bad for them. I came right "on time" and I was about 5 people from the front.

Seen him twice now and both times were savage to the core new songs old songs bringing girls on stage telling them they definitely gonna get there shit tore up tonight lighting up a fatty before they legalized that shit and he has nothing but love for seattle he will whip around the streets just partying totally does what he spits and anyone want to go against the bat and the snake we can throw down.

Well lets see The entire show was a success. Everybody did their thang. Even with my boyfriend haveing to break up a fight, we still enjoyed ourselves. And I must say I got lost in the music, something like a trance. The feeling of it all. Will most deff attend more concerts of Tech and his crew again in Nashville. Thank y'all soo much for the amazeing night! I had a blast!!!

What an amazing time!!! It was an honor to see Tech back in Vegas after he was banned from sin City for four years I really hope he comes back soon. I am deeply infacuated with Tech Nyne!! If I didn't have his songs to play and vibe with I probably would be locked up or dead!!

When times get hard and I start to fall into depression Tech n9ne az I gotta do is listen Tech n9ne az watch techninna!!!! Thank you very much Until I got into the crowd and got touched up near the front. Having dealt with this I concentrated on ignoring my surroundings and having a good time.

What an amazing, high energy, super fun show! I had a blast, I've never heard a bad thing from anyone about a Tech show. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. What a great memory to cherish forever! I'll definitely be seeing him again next time he comes around. Tech N9ne Awesome Freaking Concert!!!! The Man!!! Beautiful Concert!!! Cant wait for ur return!!! I came in Late so missed a few act overall Spectacular show!! Keep up the terrific Talent my brothas!!!! The opening acts took too long 3 hours and Tech only played like 6 songs. Kind if disappointing. I thought it was a concert for tech not a festival of a bunch of openers.

There were six openers which by the time tech got on stage I was already done with the concert. That was an amazing show. I primarily went for Ces Cru but the entire show was fire.

That was my first strange show and it won't be my last. The venue was cramped but it was expected. The special effects were awesome, the lighting made the whole show even better. Never a disappointment! This is the 5th time seeing Tech, and it won't be the last. So much energy and talent, such a great time!!!! Arena was very nice, comfortable seating.

We had a great view. The concert benefit a local charity 15 and the mahomies. It's like he embodied my soul for life. I Will never miss another concert as looking at he's here in Grand Rapids,Mi. Or somewhere close by. The show was amazing! I hope you keep coming back to New Mexico Tech!

You and the rest of Strange Music because we love you here! You are one of the only artists keeping it real and keeping hip hop alive. Much love and respect! Tech shows are some of the most high energy rap sets you'll ever see. They keep adding Tech n9ne az special effects and wardrobe changes every year.

Tech n9ne az

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