The most romantic thing a guy can do

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Everyone loves a good fairytale romance, but no romantic movie can compare to a real life love story. To get some inspiration to show your partner how much you love them, INSIDER browsed Reddit and rounded up the most romantic moments that actually happened to real Redditors. The day of, she gives me 25 completely handmade and drawn Valentine's Day cards, one for each year I missed, each with memories of me she is fond of.

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I'm in medical school, and she is my cheerleader. She lets me talk my notes out to her when she knows I need help studying. She's the person I call at 2 a. She's the one who gets me coffee because she knows I'm exhausted. And what's most important is she knows deep down that I don't choose school over her because I want to but because I have to.

I know this because she's told me. When I woke up the next morning my wife had polished my shoes for me without me even mentioning that they needed to be polished.

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At the time my partner and I had only been dating a few months, and she wasn't sure if she could handle it. The next day she was going out with friends and decided to drive half an hour to my house which is completely out of her way, just for 10 minutes to give me a cuddle and two tickets to see 'The Hobbit' in gold class.

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It may not seem like a lot to some, but it was easily the sweetest and most thoughtful thing a partner has done for me. : I keep my money separate from my spouse — and it's key to happiness in our marriage. Barack and Michelle Obama. The White House. She was coming to Orlando to work for Disney on a visa and wanted to eventually make websites for them. Long story short, we ended up being somewhat of a couple. We both liked Lilo and Stitch, her being an islander made her Lilo I asked why she would spend that much money on it.

She told me to look at it again. The whole thing was handmade. She hunted down all the Lilo and Stitch pins she could find and drew, from scratch, the story of her coming to meet me, cruising around in my car I'm a car guyand eventually me leaving her in Orlando. Hands down the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for me. So one day we were walking to get dinner, and he suggested we walk under this tree that, according to the legend, if you walk under it with your true love, you'll be together forever.

I was just thinking out loud and said, 'We should climb it together someday. He said, 'OK, I'll climb it now! I'll bring it down! When he got down, he pulled a fake apple out of his jacket pocket, and said, 'Hey, there's something inside He opened it and got down on one knee and held out a ring and asked me to marry him. I started bawling. I couldn't even say yes, I just nodded.

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Not that this will help any, but the moral of the story is do something that is meaningful to just you and her. Those are the things you remember the most. : 10 couples of more than 50 years share photos from when they were younger — and it will show you the power of everlasting love. He also included several poems he had written, and the rest of the journal was blank. The intention although likely it was due to the fact that he couldn't fill up the whole thing was for me to then use the rest to write in.

That was 10 years and numerous boyfriends ago, and still the most romantic gift I have ever received. I was trying to find a necklace to wear to hide it, and my ificant other walked over, took the necklace out of my hands, turned me around and said 'From the moment I first saw you I knew you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. That scar is a reminder of how strong, and amazing and beautiful you are.

Never hide that. He's a brilliant photographer, and he had cut up my favorite picture that he's taken and turned it into a huge puzzle. The whole thing was in black and white so it took me most of the morning. I knew he wasn't too interested in the idea at all because he had bad experience from his parents divorce.

I was content in our relationship and didn't push the subject once for all our years together. Then we had our beautiful son a year ago and unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend had changed his mind. So on this puzzle, hidden amongst white written with alight pen were the words: 'Will you marry me? Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Perfectly cuddled up, snoozing and he said, 'Thank you for existing.

I had him since I was 14 and the two of us saw some s together. When the day came, I just couldn't let him go, and I couldn't handle even being in the room. I also knew I couldn't let him go alone. My boyfriend at the time now-husband told me through my sobbing that he would go.

He gently picked up my dog and carried him into the vet's office. When he came out, he was carrying his leash and blanket and had tears streaming down his face. I had never seen him cry before. He took my burden and carried it for me. I will never forget that. Go do what you have to do to become a better man I wasn't strong enough to break up with her, so she helped me by doing it herself.

Not exactly what most people think is romantic, but yeah For months. He didn't do it because he had some kind of romantic agenda or because he felt like he had to, but because he's a good person and The most romantic thing a guy can do wanted to make sure I was OK. My husband and I met and started dating in August offell in love quickly, and we married in December of We got news of impending deployment, and he started training. In February, March, and April he was gone from two to three weeks at a time. In between one of those work-ups, I jokingly told him I demanded a list of all of the reasons he loves me.

But, after April, and before he deployed in May, I had gone to the store and when I came home, the kitchen wall was covered in blue Post-It notes with different things he loves about me. I cried. At the time, our Boxer was a 4-month-old Hellion. She managed to get some of the notes down, and chewed them beyond recognition. I cried harder. My husband then took them all down, and compiled the list on several sheets of paper for me. He wrote each thing in a different, creative way, doodled on it, added lyrics that were of ificance to us. He deployed in May, and was gone for seven months with almost zero contact.

Every time I was hurting, and missed him like crazy, I would pull out that list to remind me I needed to be strong for him. When I asked her why she was staring she simply said, 'You are the most handsome man I've ever dated,' and promptly turned to continue to watch the movie.

Pretty much made my night. I was only sort-of bummed, because I had already got this amazing dress. So when I got back from the wedding my boyfriend threw me my own homecoming. We both dressed up, went to dinner, and drove around in his dad's The most romantic thing a guy can do jaguar. Super romantic and thoughtful. It's been five years since and he is still just as great.

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I melted. It was amazing. Four years after graduation, we reconnected and started dating. In that time, he became a pilot. A few weeks ago, he took me flying in a two-seat plane. We flew over the metropolitan area and along the river here, and during the time we were in-flight it went from daytime to dusk to dark and it was phenomenally beautiful.

We had a real cold snap, rare for where we live, and I was rummaging around in the linen closet for another blanket to put on the bed.

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I found this old white cotton thing, kind of threadbare. I was in the process of laying it out on the bed anyway it was really cold, and even a worn extra blanket was better than none when he came in and snatched it up He said, 'no no no, you can't use that.

The cats might tear it up. It's fragile! Turns out he'd saved it for 20 years because it was the first gift I'd ever gotten him. He'd gone away for a week on business, and while he was gone, I went to his house and changed his old ratty sheets and blanket for new ones. For 20 years or so, he'd saved that blanket, and the reason it was threadbare is that he used it all the time, even in the summer, because it made him feel so loved and cared for. He cooks dinner every night and has done so from the beginning of the relationship.

I would go to his apartment for dinner and we would hang out and watch TV, then the next morning he would cook breakfast. Eggs are his one culinary weakness, particularly my favorite style: over-easy. One morning while he was making breakfast I looked at his laptop and saw that he had Googled 'how to make perfect over-easy eggs.

I mean, even I can make over-easy eggs. I don't think they're that hard. But he looked it up! I thought that was so cute and romantic in its own little way. And now a year and a half later he still does it with a lot of other things, like mixed drinks I like or other dinners. He never says that he looked it up sometimes I will just happen to see him doing itbut I just think it's so sweet that he cares about the little things.

By the time I was all showered, I was too tired to dry my hair and told him. He had me sit on the bed while he dried my hair for me. And I could just close my eyes and catch my breath. He did a good job of it, too. It was so incredibly sweet, and I know he'd do it again if I ever asked him.

I'm not used to such long shifts over a few days and I'd be on my feet all day so I was sore all over. On the last day I went to sleep at my boyfriend's. He was out of it, quite major surgery to say the least. I tried to do everything I could for him in this time, being helpful and trying not to touch him. He said the nicest thank you I'd ever heard: I think he was sad that I had to do everything for him yet he prefers it The most romantic thing a guy can do be the other way around.

He sat me down, told me everything was OK and gave me the nicest massage for all the work I'd been doing over the last couple of days and also for helping him. It was a weak massage but the fact that he wanted to make me feel better despite being in agonizing pain himself just made my whole life. He's such a keeper and I can't wait for the rest of our lives together.

: The biggest love song the year you were born.

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He decided he was walking there anyway, may as well push the shovel along the way. He literally cleared a path from his home to mine, about five blocks in length.

The most romantic thing a guy can do

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