Things to never say to your boyfriend

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Relationships are all about being open and honest.

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Or are they? Trust us, he does not need to know this information. If he asks, just smile mysteriously and answer something like Enough to know how fantastic you are! Anything about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

If he asks for details, say as little as possible. Keep the past in the past. How hot his best friend, brother or God forbid! Anything negative about his sexual prowess. This goes for size, technique or endurance. It will haunt you forever. Hopefully you would never mention this to your boyfriend or husband, but during a fight, you could be tempted to blurt this out.

Sympatico Footer Related Content:. These articles are very silly. Before marriage I was never asked once for s. Do you think a man is going to run across a bar to someone who looks like a Victoria Secret model and concern themselves with a ? Suddenly the rules change. Women need to understand this. What they really do is imagine an engagement ring and any absurd questions that would threaten a relationship that they value are avoided.

If someone asks for awho cares. So what. Is sex wrong? I think not. Besides I think the question determines how stupid and careless a man is and so if a man asks, women should use that to go ahead and weed him out of the picture.

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Hes a boy not a man. Weed him out. As far as ex boyfriends, especially rich and successful ones, women should feel free to bring them up in heated debates if necessary. Everyone has them right? Its too confusing for me, so lets just stick to honesty.

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How hot someone is? Are we dead or just blind? As far as settling, that sounds like a term single women use, and when they collect together in a group, it can be frightening. Its even worse than a high. At least women with high s had great sex but women who settle are bitter and narcissistic. Maybe if they feel that way they should take a look in the mirror.

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Men can tolerate the truth just fine, when allowed. That you might get labeled as loose speaks to his values as they relate to your behavior, not his ability to accept the truth. Good luck at finding true love through lying. Vince, that is your opinion. I think you said this all to well. Watch out though.

The confident men does not care about such silly things … it is very likely the confident men will have a confident father and or brother and friends. True, there is no need to say such things but if you do, you will know quickly if your man is a real man or a chicken with a fake fox fur 4.

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If that goes no where, them yes, the confident man will move on to greener pastures;- 5. A confident man has personality. I am a man here is my take 1.

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Terrible advice, if I ask a girl how many sexual partners she has had and she gives me a vague answer I assume the worst, in fact I assume that she probably had done some porn in her past and stripping. This is just human nature, when people give you vague answers to touchy questions, you assume the worst and it tends to be true. Hey baby did you sleep with that guy last night… your fantastic.

O, well everythiing is all better now!!! If I am dating a girl I am suppose to be her closest friend yet she hides information from me, I call BS. More terrible advice, this is like a guide on running a way a man. If I found out my GF was hiding information like that from me, it would only make me more suspicious of her. What is so bad that she must hide it. Its one thing to not volunteer actively hiding information is just pushing a man away. Denying something we know to be true will only make us more suspicious of you, when you are in a situation that your credibility might matter.

Then we go to a bar and some guy hits on you, but you shoot him down. We will not give you the benefit of the doubt, because you lied before about my brother why should I believe you now? Well you have to watch the settle card. It can go both ways, he may think he settled for you, you may not be all that. And ime, women tend to rate themselves about points higher than men do.

It may be better you tell him you settled and just end the relationship there. If you think you can do better, go find that dream man, but beware that your dream man probably has his pick of women and no interest in settling on YOU. There is no guarantee a better man will ever approach you than the one you Things to never say to your boyfriend, and he may not be interested in you.

I agree men are stupid and weak. You are doing the right thing. Honesty is most important in a relationship because that is what trust is built on. Its sad to see how many girls just give themselvevs away to whoever is passing by. One who will actually work on a marriage. I am engaged to the only girl I have ever gone out with and she never went out with anyone before me. Guys who want to look at and sleep with every girl in sight and then want a virgin life partner are the biggest idots out there. Sure, what could possibly go wrong? The unnecessary deceit which the author is sanctioning reflects a view based on her own past moral choices; one that is self-centred and dangerously short-sighted.

Condescendingly stroking his ego while side-stepping the question? What ill-considered advice! I find this article very sad and hope that women and especially young girls do not take this advice and see it for what it is: pure garbage. I did exactly what they are suggesting to my boyfriend now husband and can tell you from personal experience that it was the worst mistake of my life. Not only did I not take his feelings into consideration, but lost the chance at having what could have been the most rewarding and loving relationship of my life. If you choose to take this advice, I hope your expectations at happiness are very low.

Well, lying is not giving him a fair chance to handle it, is it? Is that too much for a guy to ask?

Things to never say to your boyfriend

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10 things to never say to your boyfriend