What do guys think about drunk texting

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So, what does it mean when a guy drunk texts you? Well, receiving a drunk text can mean several things, but one thing is for sure, it can be quite confusing. Once your guy friend crosses that boundary and sends you some drunk texts, it may be too awkward to ask him what it meant. But you do not have to remain clueless.

The chances are that he likes you, and has been suppressing the feeling since he knows he's securely tucked in the friendzone. This happens to guys all the time and even girls who shove their affection out of the way. But this is only the case if he didn't text multiple women, that's a whole other entirely. For the most part, a man will either express himself in the text message or simply say something sexual. Either way, it's a that he likes you and never had the guts to express this without being under the influence of alcohol.

Now, this reason is similar to the first one, but it's all contingent on raw sexual energy and has nothing to do with your personality. In this case, the text will most likely be sexual in nature, he may even ask for a booty call in the process. If this kind of drunk texting makes you What do guys think about drunk texting, then nip it in the bud by switching off your phone. But if it's a situation you earlier anticipated, this is the opening you need to get things fired up.

Sometimes the drunk texts you receive will make no sense at all, and in that scenario, he probably sent it by mistake. You know how it is with drinking, sometimes you have no idea what you're doing, even that involves drunk texting. This is one of those situations where you need to read in between the lines. If the message you received makes zero sense or is not even addressed to you, then he probably didn't even know he was sending a drunk text.

It may come as a hit to his ego that he lost control, so maybe it's a good idea to take it easy with him in this one. Obviously, there are a couple of reasons why men drunk text, but sometimes it's simply the fact that you were on his mind. If a guy is thinking of you, he doesn't need to flip through an old fashioned phone book to remember that he wants to talk to you. Maybe you had a conversation before he went out to drink, or he saw something that reminded you of him.

The texts in this scenario may not always be a request for a booty call, he could pick a very random topic and run with it. Maybe drunk texting is a habit for him, guys do this sometimes. There are a few select men and people as a wholewho don't mind who they are sending out texts to when they are drunk.

It's like a well that breaks open inside them and they instantly want to talk to everyone they have some sort of relationship with. Sure, it's all fun and games at first, but this kind of behavior is not ideal. Just expect to get a round of texts every time he goes out with the guys. Some men bottle up their feelings and just love to let them out when it's happy hour.

It may be your ex or a friend who feels stifled by you. In this case, they may text you whenever they are inebriated because that's the only time they feel brave enough to call you out. In some cases, you aren't the guilty party, some people bury their mean side really deep down. You may think your relationship is solid since their body language and behavior don't necessarily reveal much. But, if this is the reason why he's drunk texting, all he needs is a little liquid courage to tell you how he feels. Drunk texting is one way for men to show off amid their fellow guys.

Let's say you had a fling with him earlier or were even in a relationship, this is an avenue for him to let people know he nailed a hot girl or girls. Hopefully, you never sent him any revealing pictures or dirty texts, because he'll most likely be sharing them with his friends.

This is pretty much a horrible reason to be drunk textingbut it is one reality. How can you tell? Well, he'll take a lot of time trying to make you confirm details of your relationship with him. So, be wary of questions like, 'can you remember the last time we were together? Some people don't mind drinking, but the experience always takes them to a low place when they are tipsy.

Being overwhelmed by all the emotions can be more uncomfortable than unwarranted eye contact. You're probably just that one girl he feels comfortable bearing his soul to once he's inebriated.

That's probably why he goes on with the drunk texting. He simply wants to feel like there is someone there for him in his moment of darkness, so be kind when texts like this come in. Let's say he just went through a break-up and is quite raw about the whole thing.

In that case, it is not unusual for him to text a friend when he's had a little too much What do guys think about drunk texting drink. Sending you a message could be a way of keeping him from thinking about what's really irking him. If he's a close friend, then you should probably direct him to get some help. Calling or sending you messages is not going to help them feel better in the long run. Isn't it weird when someone you hardly say three words to sends you texts late at night?

It's even weirder when you discover he's drunk. In this case, he probably doesn't have the courage to talk to you when he's sober. It could be because he likes you, among other reasons, but best believe his body language the next day will let you in on the real reason.

Men are just as scared of being rejected as women, his body language will reveal how shy he is. This is another instance where his body language will reveal his true intent. He may just be intimidated by you in person and with a little liquid courage, he can tell you exactly how he feels. These messages may be a valid platform for you to hash out whatever you have going on between you. It could be a misunderstanding on his part, or perhaps you're genuinely rude to him without realizing it. In this case, texting while inebriated may be a good thing. Picture this, you have this regular drinking buddy and you two really drive it home whenever you get together.

But you have an important meeting the next day or an exam, so you have to take a rain check on your usual bar crawl. In that case, it may not be weird for him to hit you up saying something like, 'I'm so wastedddd'. He simply wants to let you know he's having a good time, but it could be better if you were there. Sometimes it is exactly what it seems like; he may send a message across trying to coax you to come out with him, even when it's an unholy hour. Maybe he expected to have lots of fun when he went out that night, but it turned out to be a downer even without you. In that case, the liquid courage will work his magic and you will get a weird or incoherent text message while you're still snoring away.

In this case, it's all fun and games unless you really don't enjoy that kind of interaction. Set clear boundaries once he's sober and let your body language communicate the same message as your words. Think of this as a Jekyll and Hyde kind of situation especially if he doesn't act as he likes you when he's sober; he's not quite clear about what he wants. While it is understandable that he is fighting some sort of inner battle, it could get pretty uncomfortable on your end.

If that is the reason why then you need to let him know that you're not up for it.

He should be able to call or send a message when the sun is still up so you can talk about what is going on between you. Especially if you just met him, this may be the reason why your smartphone is full of drunk texts in the morning. Nobody wants to seem too desperate when it comes to courting, we live in a generation where it is unappealing. So, let's say he is quite excited about you but cannot express this because of our modern-day constructs.

All of that melts away when there is liquor involved. In this case, let him make the next move, if he doesn't try to pursue you further then it may as well be a swing and miss. It physically hurts to suggest this because it's a pretty cruel reason to hit someone up by 2 am. But this is the world we live in, some people get bored and decide to contact one of their playthings to amuse themselves. Maybe his other options for the night are unavailable and sees you as someone who could be down for a quick roll in the hay at an ungodly hour. Here, it's just a matter of what you want, you could 'use' him too if it pleases you.

Just don't get emotionally attached to this kind of person, it never ends well and the hurt party will most likely be you. This is not the first place your thoughts should go, but it is definitely a possibility. Some people have passed the stage of being called casual drinkers and it's full-on chronic alcoholism. Contacting people when he's drunk may simply be one of the symptoms of a very real disease. So, if you notice that his texting habits are a bit excessive when he's tipsy, it may not be that he's thinking of What do guys think about drunk texting or wants to know you better.

It's a pattern and in a way, also a cry for help. Here is one drunk texter you do not want to come across because he is all over the place. You can't really read als with this fellow because he's usually so out of it that you aren't on the same wavelength. Chances are that he won't even remember the conversation in the morning, or he simply won't care enough to address it.

Thank heavens for technological advancements because he'd probably deny sending you anything if he could. A word of advice; block him or find another way to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. You may be wondering how a drunk fellow has the capacity to be this kind of mastermind. Well, he's just inebriated, not stupid. Some people will send you drunk texts just to string you along. So, in a nutshell, you have a pretty solid rapport with his drunk persona but hardly know him when he's sober. He probably doesn't have much need for you when he's not drunk, but wants to give you enough hope to hang around when he suddenly finds you useful.

What do guys think about drunk texting

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