What is the 48 hour rule dating

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I went out with a girl last night. Dinner, after dinner drinks, etc. It's clear we like each other and want to go out again. If you like someone and you're sure they like you back, it's not desperate to reach out the next day. It just makes sense to continue communicating. Or is there something to be gained by waiting?

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Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Belgie 2. Girls say it's a dumb rule because they hate waiting. But guys have found out, often to their cost, that if you call too early she won't value you or respect you because you seem too needy and desperate and if you wait too long, she won't entertain you because she values and respects herself not to spend time on you.

Optimally, you wait 3 days. The girls don't like it, but most men have found out that the 3 day waiting period gives you the best chance of success in the relationship. BertMacklinFBI 5. After my first date with my bf, he texted me an hour later to set up a second date.

Nothing wrong with sowing interest. Izzy opinions shared on Dating topic. Ya it's stupid. BillieJean opinions shared on Dating topic. Pretty clear to me what you should do. It sounds like you both had a good time so why wait. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. LittleSally 2. Yes, that rule is stupid. Do what you want and when you feel it. It's a dumb rule. Definitely communicate the day after.

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Aequilibri Xper 5. I don't follow societies stupid rules. Do what you want dude. Related myTakes. Why 'Follow your Dreams' is bad advice! Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real. Learn how to take care of yourself! A little about Venice. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more.

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What is the 48 hour rule dating

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The Three-Day Rule or the Three-Hour Rule?