When is a good time to start dating after having a baby

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It seems that soon after you have a baby people start asking you when you will go out on a date with your husband. After all, your relationship with your partner is as important as the new member that just came into your family. I have an amazing husband whom I adore above all and sometimes I even wonder how I got so lucky.

When our baby was born our lives totally changed…overnight! Having our baby made us realize that we were clueless during my pregnancy as to how much our lives would change. Our baby was a very clingy little thing. Letting our baby cry was never an option so this meant we learned about safe bed-sharing and babywearing. Our lives became so much easier thanks to that! Giving birth to my baby was also giving birth to my mama bear instincts. They tell you about them but wow!

You really feel an intense urge to protect this little one. It really bothered me — and this is why I never ask to hold a baby now. As you can imagine I was a little a lot! In the first months of her life, things were so crazy and we were so tired neither of us cared about a date night. But sometime around the time she turned 4 months my husband started asking me about it and it terrified me. Here I had a baby that nursed every hour and was very demanding.

One night we sat and had a very honest conversation about this. We both agreed that our baby is only this little once and this needy once and that we would have a real date night once we both felt ready. In the meantime, we compromised with having date nights at home, after she was asleep. At first they were short but they got longer and longer as she started sleeping more without waking up. Even though my husband was ready to go out by ourselves sooner than I was, he was understanding of my feelings and OK with waiting a bit longer.

At around 6 months we had our first early dinner date together with my parents in the shopping center next to us haha! As she got older and could communicate better I feel that I could enjoy a date with my husband without worrying about my baby.

This might surprise a lot of people but we are happy with this decision. Our relationship is not the same as before, it is better and it is stronger. By accepting how we feel about this we have learned to appreciate every minute we have together. We now enjoy our company so much more and we have learned to enjoy it in many hidden moments during the day. This has made me love my husband so much more and I hope he feels the same.

So, when is the right time to have your first date after having a baby? For some it will come a few weeks after the baby is born and for other it will come a few years later. And that is OK. Listen to your mama instincts. Talk to your partner. That is what matter. Something about the 2nd child, I feel more at ease with a lot of things.

We shoved the food in our mouths and rushed right back lol. It seems that all moms that have more than one kid say this.

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When is a good time to start dating after having a baby

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