Yellowknife dating scene

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Do what you like to do and you'll find others doing it too. There are also many sports groups and activities coordinated through the City.

Don't expect a social life to come and knock on your door; go out and do what you enjoy. I agree with volunteering. I would add Folk on the Rocks and Ski Club to that list.

Sports also seems to be a good one here. The Black Knight or the Cellar are a good start. Look for posters for events in the art shops and elsewhere. In summer there was the Northwords Writers Festival.

This last weekend was Ptarmicon A comic con like thing - mostly highschoolers, but whatever Summer also has Folk on the Rocks music fest. If your in the dating scene, PoF has a half decent of people for a town this size, depending on what you're after.

Basically what RambleMan said - go out and do something, and you're bound to run into some people with similar interests. We're a pretty open and welcoming town in general, there's so many transients that in my experience most people are pretty open to making new friends. Establishing a routine is always good - such as go to the gym on days X and Y, go to the pool on Z, go to one of many wing k nights on Wednesday, sing a tune at karaoke on Saturdays at after 8, the raquet club, the NWT Photography facebook group, etc etc. There's literally a group for everything in Yellowknife - from tabletop role playing games to the shooting range, from opera singing to the hash house harriers Where do you meet people here?

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Yellowknife dating scene

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